The Nutcracker Maestro Classics~ REVIEW

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I feel like I'm doing one Review after another the past few weeks.  Lot's of amazing products to use in Our Homeschool.  This next one is pretty awesome too, it's one that fits perfectly with the fast approaching Holiday Season.  We were presented with a Classical Music CD of The Nutcracker from Maestro Classics to Review a few weeks ago.  We were very thrilled to do this because it has been a tradition of ours to take the children to see The Nutcracker every year around Christmas.  Since Kaden's Autism Diagnosis we haven't been able to go as a Family.  The last time we tried was 2 years ago and it ended horribly.  Kaden Loves Classical Music and I knew he would love The Nutcracker too if it was under different circumstances.  And now it's our chance to do just that with this CD Set.


The Ultimate Homeschool Planner~REVIEW


This next product Review is from Apologia Educational Ministries and honestly when I give a Review for them I try to not sound like I have a huge crush on them, but it's hard.  Let me tell you this company has the Best Customer Service and High-End Quality Homeschool resources and curriculums geared around a Christian perspective.  They Top the Charts at #1 with their creation-based science curriculum and have many many awards to show for their outstanding work.  All this and you can still easily talk to a live person to help you with any question or concern you have..... Apologia is Amazing and today I get to tell you about The Ultimate Homeschool Planner they offer from Debra Bell.  The planner I Reviewed Retails for $29 and is available to you with a Yellow, Orange, or Blue cover. The Front and Back Covers of this Planner are sturdy and easy to clean and offers inside pockets too.


IEW Phonetic Zoo Spelling~ REVIEW

I have a great Review product to share today.  I have to start out saying that this is a product that I had done some research in the past for Skylar who has dyslexia.  So, I was aware of the company and their amazing high quality products from the get go.  Now, we have Kaden who is 8 on the Autism Spectrum who has his own bag of needs that we praise God daily that I'm able to stay home with him and give him the opportunities to learn at his own pass and skill level.  Several weeks ago I was given the Phonetic Zoo Spelling Level B program from Institute for Excellence in Writing.


Koru Naturals~ REVIEW

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/-2015%20CREW/koru_logo_150X150_zps0quko7q0.jpgI'm a firm believer in taking care of your skin and hair as much as your insides.  Everyone can benefit from a little pampering each and every day.  In the past year or so I have been trying to accomplish that more naturally and less chemical laden.  I was offered an opportunity from Koru Naturals to try a few of their products for a Review.  I was thrilled to try their Skin Clear Cream, Manuka Honey Propolis Soap, Emu Oil Shampoo and Emu Oil Leave-in Conditioner.  I have the craziest skin...it doesn't know the word consistent.  Instead it wakes up each day and rolls the dice to determine what affliction I will see in the mirror that morning while I brush my teeth.  :)  So, this was a answered prayer to get to try a few different products from an amazing company.


Grammar Workbook from Brookdale House~ REVIEW

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My Kiddos have followed my lead as far as Reading everything that's within hands reach.  But, that's about it when it comes to Language Arts.  They don't like writing or creating poetry and they most definitely don't long to thumb through stacks and stacks of Grammar flash cards or diagram sentences.  Maybe I could live without the last one myself, but I never skipped an English class in my life....if Mahala was in public school she might not be able to say the same to her Kiddos.  :)  With that said you can imagine the difficulty I've had to keep her focused and enthusiastic to learn Grammar in the past.  She has only a few more years left before her learning time here at home is up and she will be learning at the college of her choice.  So, I have been looking for different programs to make sure she has the basics and a pinch more to get her through her last few years.  Recently I had the opportunity to REVIEW The Grammar Workbook Set($29.90$38.90) from Brookdale House and I can't wait to tell you how it all went.


FishFlix.com Little Boy~ REVIEW

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We are Big Movie people....who doesn't love a huge tub of buttery popcorn, a glass of lemonade and 2 hours of Family entertainment?  We do, We do!!!  That being said, as a Christian Family it's not always easy to find appropriate movies by our Family's standards.  We struggle with that often, even our oldest who is 21yrs old still monitors what he watches on his own.  I've often dreamed about being able to have the freedom to scroll through several approved movies online and not have to be so watchful of what's going to pop up next.  And now....enters the Amazing FishFlix.com.  Here you can find boat loads of Christian movies for both educational purposes and for plain Family entertainment.  Our Family was thrilled to receive a movie from FishFlix.com for us to Review.  We were given the movie Little Boy and it worked out perfectly because we had recently studied WWII. ($18.99)


A Step Off the Hoarder Train

So, today I was literally running around the house like a chicken with her head caught off.  And the worse part of it all was that I couldn't find my head.  After many years of being in a loveless marriage I've found myself to be a bit of a collector of all things that can be collected.  And I'm not talking about cute little collections, antiques, or even memorabilia.  No, it's more like the depression era over here.  (Me on an average day: Wait....I can't throw away this left over yarn!  I could use it to wrap a gift, craft, mend something with it....I could possibly learn how to knit or crochet....eventually!?!?!?!?!)  I think we all know the true outcome for that small bundle of multi-colored yarn. :)


Progeny Press Sarah, Plain and Tall~ REVIEW


We Love to read in this house.  Beside both couches, recliner, rocking chair and the kiddo's beanbag there are stacks and stacks of books.  I usually leave out books and readers that go along with what we are learning about in History, Science and various other subjects.  I never have to ask the kids to read....if anything I have to tell them to get their little noses out of a book. :)  We like to follow up on many of the books that we read about people, different times in History, about inventions and discoveries.  This adds a little extra work on my part, but I find that the educational benefits outweigh the pain of extra work on a Saturday night.  But, what if you didn't have to do so much extra work?  Last year I found a company that did a lot of that extra work for me.....Progeny Press.  Recently I was given the opportunity again to Review a Study Guide for them. Progeny Press is a company that provides Study Guides for


Just Another Manic Monday......

Oh my goodness, today is another Monday....I love Mondays!  I know it sounds dreadfully crazy, but I look at it as a New start.  That this will be the week to get it all done.  This will be the week the house finally gets the stamp of approval for the most clean and organized.  This is definitely the week that all the kids lessons and school projects will be done, even the extra experiments for science we have been longing to actually do and not just read about.  Each Sunday night I scamper off to bed with a big hopeful grin, because I know when I wake up I'll be greeted with a fresh new week of possibilities.


Exhaling Moments

Kaden the other day was practicing his Spelling words on a hand held white board.  As I was busy preparing the next subject he scrolled out this little precious moment and flashed it at me.  And just like that I melted back into my seat and exhaled deeply.  
I don't know about you, but I get so caught up in the busyness of life and lists.  I have to be constantly reminded to exhale and enjoy what God has so generously given me.  It's funny because with my other two Kiddos I can drill them right along schedule and not miss a beat.  But, Kaden being on the Spectrum is a total different story. 


Middlebury Interactive Languages~ REVIEW

Middlebury Interactive Languages has given me their High School Spanish 1 course to use with Mahala.  We are so excited for this review.  We love learning new languages and lately Mahala has been on fire to learn Spanish.  Last March she went to Mexico on a Missions trip to build houses and she plans to go again this coming year too.  That said, she now has a passion to learn as much as possible so she can actually communicate with the Families she's building for.  This makes our review extra special because it was something we really needed and with so many different programs to pick from it's tricky.  We used Middlebury once before for German and we loved them, so we were ready to take another adventure with them and learn Spanish this time.