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http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/-2015%20CREW/koru_logo_150X150_zps0quko7q0.jpgI'm a firm believer in taking care of your skin and hair as much as your insides.  Everyone can benefit from a little pampering each and every day.  In the past year or so I have been trying to accomplish that more naturally and less chemical laden.  I was offered an opportunity from Koru Naturals to try a few of their products for a Review.  I was thrilled to try their Skin Clear Cream, Manuka Honey Propolis Soap, Emu Oil Shampoo and Emu Oil Leave-in Conditioner.  I have the craziest skin...it doesn't know the word consistent.  Instead it wakes up each day and rolls the dice to determine what affliction I will see in the mirror that morning while I brush my teeth.  :)  So, this was a answered prayer to get to try a few different products from an amazing company.

Have you ever heard of Koru Naturals?  I hadn't and for the life of me I'm baffled by this.  I spent over an hour on their website after I received my products to see what else they had.  Their home Country...New Zealand is so beautiful and for thousands of years the people there have used what lives naturally there for skin care, to fight common health problems and to promote overall well-being.  The products offered by Koru Naturals has taken this wonderfully rich tradition and enhanced it with today's modern technology.  Some of those native New Zealand wonders are the Manuka Honey, Lanolin, Tea Tree, Manuka Oil, Rosehip Oil and Rotorua Mud.  In 2002 they opened an online retail store to share the amazing products that they have been enjoying along with their friends for many years.  They chose to use the symbol of a Koru, the Maori name for the newborn, unfurling fern frond that symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace.  How cool is that, I love it and it's great to know too that there is No Animal Testing with any of their products.

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/-2015%20CREW/2%20Manuka%20Honey%20Propolis%20Soap_zpsccumnmyg.gifSo, let's get started....the first product I tried was my favorite and it will be in every stocking for Christmas and about 5 other lucky friends that I will be gifting this awesome bar to....the Manuka Honey Propolis Soap.    First of all it's so adorably packaged....I didn't want to even open it, but the amazing smell seeping from the wrapper made me do it.  And what started out as a "hand" soap so that I could prolong the life of the bar has made it's way into my shower.  I Love it for many reasons...it suds up like no other soap I've ever tried, but washes away quickly leaving soft, sweet smelling skin.  You will not have to worry about wasting time in the shower trying to wash that slimy film away.  My skin feels and smells divine!!! I will never use another kind of bar soap again.  If you have an autoimmune disease like myself this will nourish your skin and not leave it tight and itchy.  My Husband has been allowed 4 times to use it, but only for Review purposes.....my soap, don't touch!!  But, he has very dry sensitive skin and we have tried many different brands and formulas of soap.  The Manuka Honey Propolis Soap was like magic in a bar he said.  I quickly hid it behind some other bath products to ensure the magicness for myself until I order some more. :)  This product is recommended for all skin types and retails for $7.90.

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/-2015%20CREW/1%20Skin%20Clear%20Cream_zpsockdha63.jpgThe second product I tried was the Skin Clear CreamKoru Naturals has released their most advanced formulation of this creme for the 20th anniversary. It still has the raw unpasteurized Manuka Honey and distilled Manuka Oil, but it also contains extra botanical ingredients like Kawakawa and Harakeke, Burdock Root, Thyme and Canadian Aspen Bark.  I had High hopes for this product, but it burned a little when I used it on my face.  The burning did stop after a few minutes, but my skin was very oily afterwards.  After about 5-6 times I noticed my hands was always so super soft afterwards so I began using it just on my neck, chest, arms and legs.  No burning at all and it rubbed in so nicely and smooth and I liked the smell of it.   Some of the problems I had besides being sensitive to it on my face was that it wasn't really a cream.  Mine was very watery and hard to handle, I will admit I spilt some almost every time I opened the jar. :(  
This product is ideal for acne prone skin that needs moisturizing to improve the appearance of blemished skin and it retails for $19.20.  You need to know too that this product says not to use on children younger than 12 years and NOT to use it when pregnant.

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/-2015%20CREW/5%20Emu%20Oil%20Shampoo%20and%20Conditioner_zpss1dddhud.jpgThe Emu Oil Shampoo and the Leave-In Conditioner is my final products to try.  My hair has been highly damaged from the years and years of chemo....on top of being naturally curly.  My hair is dry and needs a miracle.  When I first tried the Shampoo my first impression was where is all the suds....I need suds!  And then there was the worry of using the whole bottle in 5 days.  My hair looked like a wool sweater that had been left in a bucket of hot water.  I was scared until I used the Leave-In Conditioner.  Thank you Lord it was smooth as butter.  I truly thought I was going to have to call for help my hair was such a mess.  I was scared to use it the next day, but I did.  This time I used less and concentrated on my roots.  A much better experience and then by the 3rd day it was like a normal hair washing, no weird hair shock attack.  I don't know if there is a transition period or what, but I experienced something crazy. :)  What I super love is the squeaky clean, but not too squeaky clean....if that makes sense.  The smell is once again divine!!!!  The mix of German chamomile, red clover, elderberry, and white willow-bark tantalize your senses!!!  I also loved how my hair smelled hours after my hair had dried and the natural curls had strong shape...no frizz.  My hang up is that I used up almost the whole 8 and 4 oz bottles in just 3 weeks.  I have a lot of hair, and for the price I definitely couldn't use it daily.  But, I do think I would order again and just use it once or twice a week.

So, I kind of told you my thoughts already as far as if I would use these products again.  I highly recommend you going right now and checking out the Koru Naturals website.  I have enjoyed using all 4 of these products.  My favorite is the long lasting Manuka Honey Propolis Soap.  This will be in our bathroom forever for sure.  The Emu Oil Shampoo and Emu Oil Leave-in Conditioner are also going to be staples in our arsenal of hair care.  The only product I probably wouldn't use is the Skin Clear Cream.  But, I'm not closed off to looking at a few more of their skin care products....I know my perfect match is there.  
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