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I promised Kaden no more new Math programs for awhile.  And literally two days later I find Thinkwell fall instantly in love with their 6th to 8th Grade Math and had to tell Kaden with a cupcake that he would be working on a new 6th Grade Math program. :)  
I know that sounds bad, but we have tried so many over the years.  But Thinkwell right off the bat checked off all the right boxes for us.  Kaden has huge struggles with sensory input, so online programs tend to be too overwhelming for him.

Thinkwell Homeschool online math program (6th- Highschool) allows your child to have an online instruction video based learning without huge sensory overload.  I decided to put Kaden in the 6th grade because that's about where he is, it's a small struggle along with many victories getting him through his Math journey.  He likes figuring things out, not just memorizing facts and going through repetitive motions. 
To help you figure out where your kiddo fits into this program, you can have them take this placement test to make sure they are on the level they need to be.....I was impressed they even offer Honors programs.

Kaden has been using this program about 3 days a week.  I do not have to ask him most Math days, he just logs on and starts.  He loves the simpleness of the layout, nothing distracting or confusing.  Also he said everything you need is in a tab on the left.  It's out of sight when you don't need it, but easily accessible.  Good Point Kaden!!  Here is the course contents, as you can see there is a great foundation to preparing for Highschool Maths.  

Kaden logs in and starts a video and works independently for 20 or 30 minutes.  The videos are usually 5-7 minutes long.  You can go Here and see a sample video and complete lesson.  He said one of his favorite things is that he can watch the problems in real time being worked out.  And also he appreciates that after completing the questions if he gets one wrong it tells him exactly how to work it out the right way, not just mark as wrong.

So, what did we think?  For us I think this could truly be something we could use long term.  And I have never said that about a program before...especially a Math program.  Kaden is happy, learning and motivated.  What else could I ask for?  I love that everything is graded for me besides the worksheets.  And that he can watch the videos multiple times if needed.  I love that there is a checklist to track what has been done and that we both have access to it. I also love all the extra resources available to him like the glossary, discussion boards and links.  

For us, this has been working wonderfully and I think if you have a child that needs to see a problem worked out this could be for you.  If your child likes things simple and no flashy animations, this is perfect for them.  If you are looking for a solid curriculum online that comes with an amazing Instructor, this may be what you have been praying for.  At least take a look at it, take the assessment and even try their 14 day Free Trial, you have nothing to loose.  Below you can check out what other homeschooling families thought and some of them even did other grade levels.  Also, Connect on Social Media with Thinkwell today too.

6th to 8th Grade Math (Pre-Algebra) and High School Math  (Algebra to Calculus) {Thinkwell Reviews} 
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