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This next product Review is from Apologia Educational Ministries and honestly when I give a Review for them I try to not sound like I have a huge crush on them, but it's hard.  Let me tell you this company has the Best Customer Service and High-End Quality Homeschool resources and curriculums geared around a Christian perspective.  They Top the Charts at #1 with their creation-based science curriculum and have many many awards to show for their outstanding work.  All this and you can still easily talk to a live person to help you with any question or concern you have..... Apologia is Amazing and today I get to tell you about The Ultimate Homeschool Planner they offer from Debra Bell.  The planner I Reviewed Retails for $29 and is available to you with a Yellow, Orange, or Blue cover. The Front and Back Covers of this Planner are sturdy and easy to clean and offers inside pockets too.

So, it has been totally confirmed that I am a paper and pencil kind of girl.  I love to make lists and cross things off....it just works for me.  And over the years I have tried many different planners and organizers both online and spiral bound.  I like simple with options....simple options.  Too many choices makes me try to keep up and do more then I need to do and then we have a problem.

Once my Planner came my first impression was Wow....that's a whole lot of planner....once I started pealing through it I realized the introduction and How To Use section was extensive, easy to follow and taught me a little something I wasn't even expecting.  I was thrilled to see that it had a whole section on how to use this planner effectively!!!  No 2 planners are the same and what good is it to have the "Ultimate" planner if you don't know how to use it effectively...right?  Also, it explains how to use the Student Planners offered by Apologia too.  Mahala and Skylar have used those as well. :)
One of the sections I never thought to do before was individual Student Goal Setter Pages.  How awesome to have a spot to map out not only academic goals for your kiddos, but Character Goals as well.  I was surprised by the countless lists for field Trips, Reading Lists, Teaching Tips, High School Planning Guide and many more Extras that I haven't seen all in one planner before.  I told you it was huge and packed full of useful necessities while Homeschooling.  Most planners are designed to corral your life to make it manageable.  With this Planner it does that, but I feel like it creates extra space for you to improve that now "more manageable" life.  Doing this by helping you prioritize and put the things in place that matters most first.

The Planner offers a Blank Monthly Grid and a Blank Weekly Grid, with plenty of room to write and customize however you please.  Oh and I forgot to mention that the book is filed with quotes and scriptures, I Love all the extra special touches through out the lovely colored pages.  Here you see how I used the weekly Grid for our Daily work.  Since it's all blank you can customize it to fit your own needs.  We tried doing Subjects across the top and down the side.  For us, we ended up putting the day of the week down the side because we had so many different subjects.

So, would I recommend this Planner?  Yes, if you are alive and Homeschooling I honestly can not think of a Better product to organize your life and have you still sane enough to enjoy Homeschooling your Kiddos.  I know there are tons of planners out there, but The Ultimate Homeschool Planner, is just that....Ultimate.  My one tiny little thing is I do wish it was a bit less in price.  But, I can't say that The Ultimate Homeschool Planner is not worth the $29, because it is.  When you have it in your hands you can see not only the quality, but the valuable tool that it truly is.  It has replaced 3 separate folders/planners and put it into 1 Hardcover, Spiral Bound Planner.  So, is it worth the price?  Yes!  Does it seem like a lot before you actually have it in hand at your kitchen table?  Yes!  Will I buy one next year?  A Big Fat Yes for sure!!!!

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/-2015%20CREW/the-ultimate-homeschool-planner%20Orange%20Cover_zpsczvx31cq.jpgQuick wrap up: With The Ultimate Homeschool Planner you will count your blessings while charting your family’s progress with this 48-week planner designed to help you document God’s faithfulness and activity during your Homeschool journey. Features include: Unique Lord’s Day planning grid, Flexibility to help you prioritize and plan for up to six children, Customized daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning forms, Forms for setting goals, activities, and tracking reading lists, Year-end review pages, Sturdy construction with convenient pockets and coated covers.  
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