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I feel like I'm doing one Review after another the past few weeks.  Lot's of amazing products to use in Our Homeschool.  This next one is pretty awesome too, it's one that fits perfectly with the fast approaching Holiday Season.  We were presented with a Classical Music CD of The Nutcracker from Maestro Classics to Review a few weeks ago.  We were very thrilled to do this because it has been a tradition of ours to take the children to see The Nutcracker every year around Christmas.  Since Kaden's Autism Diagnosis we haven't been able to go as a Family.  The last time we tried was 2 years ago and it ended horribly.  Kaden Loves Classical Music and I knew he would love The Nutcracker too if it was under different circumstances.  And now it's our chance to do just that with this CD Set.

I want to share briefly about Maestro Classics.  They have made several Classical Music CD series that help introduce Kiddos to classical music.  Honestly they do this easily by taking popular classic children's stories and bringing them to life through music. Every piece has been composed/arranged by conductor Stephen Simon and is performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The stories are read aloud by a Narrator while the music is being performed.  The Narrator for The Nutcracker is Jim Weiss.  Each music CD set sells for $16.98 or for $9.98 as a downloadable MP3.

Here are the Twelve Titles that they currently offer:
• Peter and the Wolf 
• The Story of Swan Lake
• The Sorcerer's Apprentice
• My Name is Handel: The Story of Handel's Water Music
• The Soldier's Tale
• The Tortoise and the Hare
• Juanita the Spanish Lobster
• Casey at the Bat
• Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
• Juanita la langosta española
• Carnival of the Animals
Quickly pop over and listen to a Sample of The Nutcracker Now!  It's Beautiful....right?

Once we received our CD Set Kaden flipped through the complete 24 page booklet that comes along with the set.  It went over the Scenes and History of Ballet, the Harp and of course Tchaikovsky.  But, it also had some fun extras too like a themed crossword, word search and word scramble.  Not to mention the Amazing FREE Curriculum Guide that they offer with all the sets.  Our Guide was filled with everything from History, Geography, Science, Language Arts, Math, Music and Art.  We were able to not just pop it in and listen, but watch it come to life through real learning.

We listened to the CD fully probably 5 or 6 times now and because he can control the volume and his surroundings it has been a success.  Some of his most favorite activities he did was the lesson on levers and simple Machines.  The Brothers Grimm have always been Family favorites of my two older Kiddos and here in the Language Arts portion of the Guide he was introduced to them and even created his own Farytale game online.  Just a ton of fun extras to make your Kiddo's experience even more memorable.

 photo Maestro Classics_zps27pnhxwl.jpgSo, what did I think...would I buy any of Maestro Classics other sets?  Yes I sure would, I think they would make Excellent Birthday or Christmas gifts.  Anytime you can unlock your Kiddo's mind with Music or Art jump on it, I feel like the benefits exceed the stars in the sky.  Not only is this a high quality CD Set with a durable case and activity book, but you also have access to some really great Learning extras with the Curriculum Guides.

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