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We Love to read in this house.  Beside both couches, recliner, rocking chair and the kiddo's beanbag there are stacks and stacks of books.  I usually leave out books and readers that go along with what we are learning about in History, Science and various other subjects.  I never have to ask the kids to read....if anything I have to tell them to get their little noses out of a book. :)  We like to follow up on many of the books that we read about people, different times in History, about inventions and discoveries.  This adds a little extra work on my part, but I find that the educational benefits outweigh the pain of extra work on a Saturday night.  But, what if you didn't have to do so much extra work?  Last year I found a company that did a lot of that extra work for me.....Progeny Press.  Recently I was given the opportunity again to Review a Study Guide for them. Progeny Press is a company that provides Study Guides for
Literature, from a Christian Perspective and the Study Guide they gave me to Review was Sarah, Plain and Tall.  I was so pleased to read that their mission statement is “To teach our children to think clearly, to understand literature, and to rely on the scripture for truth and values, and enjoy themselves while they do it!”

Progeny Press has Study Guides for over 100 different Books, from the Classics to the Popular novels of Today.  The Study Guides cover from lower elementary ages all the way up through high school....lot's to choose from. You will surely find something for every reader in your house. :)  Their prices are affordable for what you get and I was really impressed with the Quality of each of the products we have used for this review and from other purchases.

For this review we were given a digital download and honestly I normally do not like using digital because I'm a in your hands kind of Gal.  With that said, we could have printed it out.  But, these Study Guides were different then what we have ever used before.  I was able to have Kaden type right into the PDF.  Printing can be somewhat of a PAIN, so we took advantage of this Cooool feature and he typed everything right into the PDF.  Not all of the Literature Study Guides have that option, but a lot of them do.  Huge Bonus Points for having that capability!

Each of the Study Guides take approximately 4-10 weeks to finish, depending on the book and your Kiddo's ability to get through each of the lessons. They Suggest that your Kiddo read the book completely first and then work through the study guide.  Kaden did not do this, because even though he is an Advanced Reader I found that for him to get the most out of the study and to comprehend he needed to read the book along the way and have the Study Guide tie everything together. 

Each guide begins with an Overview of the book. A brief Synopsis,  information about the Author, Background Information, and Optional Pre-reading Activities.  Each Section covers 2-3 chapters of the book, our book Sarah, Plain and Tall was divided into 3 chapters each section..

The Study Guide Sections cover things like:
  • Vocabulary
  • Questions
  • Discussion and Critical Thinking Questions
  • Optional Activities
  • Digging Deeper Section
  • Supplemental Resources

We ended up getting through the Study Guides pretty quickly because like I said Kaden is an advanced reader.  We finished it all in a week....he had so much fun.  Every single day we spent reading and going through the guide together.  One of his Favorite parts was learning New Words and a few of the Optional Activities.  Even though there was a few he didn't do...he liked them all.  Kaden is notorious for loving the idea of a certain activity or experiment, but not actually doing them.  On a side not he watches tons of videos of experiments online and learns right along with them without ever getting his hands dirty.  Yes, he's actually said that to me on more then one occasion.  :)  But, anyway....having him learn New words and understand ones he already knows just a little better gives Kaden greater confidence and I see him recognizing and comparing from other areas of his schooling too.  And the hands-on activities take the learning one step further and off the page to allow your Kiddo to express their creativity and enjoy learning so much more.  

My Favorite portion was the Digging Deeper and all the Discussion Questions.  I enjoyed watching Kaden connect the dots between the story, History and his own personal world view, while seeing if it aligned with God's word.  Trust me, we had a lot of good conversations and a few light bulb moments.  I am Thankful that each Study Guide has Biblical focus.  The Questions and Discussions really does cause them to come to conclusions and make applications that they can use in Their "Real Life".

Overall, we had a Blast and plan on purchasing even more of these Study Guides to enhance our Reading Experiences.  So, there is no question really if we love this product or not.  It just works for us and our needs.  We were able to customize it to work with how Kaden learns, it's affordable, super easy to use and there are many Titles to pick from.  If you have a Motivated Reader or a reluctant Reader in your home this is worth a purchase. 

Extra Info You may want to know....

Company: Progeny Press
Products Reviewed: Sarah, Plain and Tall
Age Range: Upper Elementary/3rd grade-6th grade
Price: $17.99

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