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We are Big Movie people....who doesn't love a huge tub of buttery popcorn, a glass of lemonade and 2 hours of Family entertainment?  We do, We do!!!  That being said, as a Christian Family it's not always easy to find appropriate movies by our Family's standards.  We struggle with that often, even our oldest who is 21yrs old still monitors what he watches on his own.  I've often dreamed about being able to have the freedom to scroll through several approved movies online and not have to be so watchful of what's going to pop up next.  And now....enters the Amazing FishFlix.com.  Here you can find boat loads of Christian movies for both educational purposes and for plain Family entertainment.  Our Family was thrilled to receive a movie from FishFlix.com for us to Review.  We were given the movie Little Boy and it worked out perfectly because we had recently studied WWII. ($18.99)


The movie is PG-13, so we did watch it with the older kids 1st before we had Kaden watch it.  And even though the content covered some pretty hard topics it was still appropriate for Kaden to watch.  We had such a great discussion on and on for several days regarding this movie.  I LOVE Movies that do that.  I'm all for entertainment, but when you can walk away and continue for days about what you experienced in a particular movie that's just icing on the cake to me!  :)

I don't like to give too many details about the actual movie, but I will tell you a few while still being a little vague.  The main character is a young boy named Pepper, who is nicknamed "Little Boy".   He endures life challenges with bullying and teasing from kids at school right from the start.  As a reprieve from all the bullying he has a beautiful relationship with his Father that takes a sudden turn when his Father must go off to war.  Many challenges and changes come into the young boy's life.  Honestly there were many times I saw my own life throughout the movie and I walked away feeling Blessed and my Heart Filled to the brim.  Watching God work through Pepper as he is challenged to complete a list of 7 different tasks given to him by a local Priest, in Hopes of a Miracle.  We witnessed a little Boy going through some pretty Big issues with Loss, Disappointment, Discrimination, War and the weight of the world on his little shoulders.  This movie is Packed with little life lessons that both the young and old of your house can learn from.

 I could go on and on, but, I want You to experience this Big movie about a Little Boy that takes his Mustard Seed and Moves the whole town.  We Loved the movie, Little Boy......I highly recommend that You need to add this movie to your DVD collection.  Your Family and Friends will be Blessed each and every time they watch it.  If you are studying World War II or just looking for a great Family movie, you can't go wrong with Little Boy
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