Homeschooling Autism

So, the first week of homeschool this year I had absolutely nothing planned.  I figured if I had no expectations I wouldn't be disappointed.  And you know what...Monday was like walking into the depths of hell.  Kaden banged his head, broke things and screamed until he could barely talk.  And you know what?  I let him, I made sure he was as safe as possible and I let him transition from summer to school year. It was painful, but this is the first year I expected nothing except complete craziness and it was easier to get through.  
Normally I have themes, plans, special meals and activities planned.  Nope.... not this year.  I had a rough outline in my mind.  I had a few workbooks that I thought he could do a page from each.  We worked on Grammar with an online program I am reviewing and we did reading time together.  Besides those few things I had him outside for 30 minutes or so.  
Monday was a wash, nothing was accomplished at all.  But, Tuesday-Friday he was enthusiastic and on board, I even got him to bathe.  I know... it's like Christmas came early.  Next week is a holiday weekend so I know things will be thrown off and we pick up Mahala's puppy in training.  Since we have all that I am doing the same thing, just a few things each day....nothing too drastic.


Health and Nutrition Basic Set from Apologia Educational Ministries~ REVIEW

As most of you know Mahala graduated high school a few months ago, but when she heard that Apologia Educational Ministries had a brand new addition to their Exploring Creation series she said, "Mom, please can I get this set.... I need it."  She was thrilled that they sent her the Health and Nutrition Basic Set for her to review.  This included the hardback textbook and the consumable spiral Student Workbook.  We have been tweaking our eating habits, listening to our bodies and learning so much together in just the few short weeks we have had to use it, I can't wait to share it with you.  There is even a FREE Activity book too!!!


Monster Mayhem ~ REVIEW

I have another fabulous book by Christopher Eliopoulos.  Kaden really enjoyed this book, even more so because it is a graphic novel and the main character is a Science enthusiast.  If you have a reluctant reader, head out and give this a shot.   Zoe is a bright, sweet girl that learns some pretty important lessons during some trial and error with her newly designed Robot friend.  She is on a quest that teaches her the importance of friendship, oh and there are a few monster too.  Kaden said this book has a powerful message on friendship and that because of his Autism, he sometimes feels the way Zoe does in the book.  He connected to her and I appreciate when books do this! :)  
Down at the bottom of my post I have our favorite Monster Cookie recipe....give it a try!!!


How to Be a T. Rex ~ REVIEW

Kaden and I read the cutest book the other day and I thought it would be a perfect highlight for back to school reading.  How to Be a T. Rex by Ryan North is not just an adorable book, but it packs a punch in the self esteem and confidence department.  Oh and it also tells you how to not be a Tyrannojerkus Rex! :)  


God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn ~ REVIEW

I have been homeschooling for 12 years now and I still feel like I have so much to learn.  I still have days and weeks when I feel like I need to do more, be more and worry takes over my thoughts.  And then I have even longer periods of feeling like all is right in my little homeschooling world.  But, it's still a roller coaster ride that I have built up around myself and desperately try to tear it down every single year.  I have noticed the more tuned into my Faith and personal self care the better things are around here.  But, being human and all I fall back into old habits and worry creeps in.


Round 3 of Healthy Living

I am so dealing with a bad Lupus flare..... my eyes lids are swollen, mainly on the one side.  I am determined to get my health back under control.  We were doing so good for several months and then we slid back to some prepackaged foods and then straightened back up for several more months before we went back towards convenience.
Why do we do it?  I hate convenience food, but I like the time it gives me.  I usually have 50 things going on at once and I'm plum exhausted, not to mention I never know what Kaden's mood and behavior will be like.  So, after a long day I reach for chicken nuggets and tots or a big bowl of ice cream after dinner to sooth my woes.  
What we love to eat is salmon, any kind of meat really with any veg and rice or quinoa.  We love huge dinner salads with grilled chicken too and almost never would turn down something made on the grill or smoker.  That all takes time, planning and preparation.  And I just need to make it a priority, over something else besides waiting to the last minute and then falling into temptation.  
Here's to better Health!!!!


Project Passport World History Studies ~ REVIEW

Once again I am blessed to have a new homeschool unit study from Home School in the Woods.  This time Kaden and I get to take an adventure back in time to learn all about Ancient Greece with a Project Passport World History Studies from Home School in the Woods.  This is by far my favorite way to learn History besides reading real books.  We have used many products from them throughout our homeschool journey, but I love the Project Passport studies the most.  And yes, there is a ton of printing involved, which I normally dislike, but it's so worth it to have this kind of learning adventure.