Operation Peer Play!

Okay, so I know I went on and on about change and all the things that we do to prepare for any Meltdowns or whatever gets thrown our way.  Don't get me wrong, life is definitely not all doom and gloom over here.  If anything I would say the majority of the time I have a Happy, loving boy.  

We all have a Different Love Language and Our job as Parents is to find out what it is.  If I was Given a choice for Kaden to Not have Autism, I can't say that I would say Yes right away without worrying that I would miss something...Something Amazing.  Because every single day he does just that, he Amazes me.  I don't want to miss that, so I'll take the Good Days with the Bad ones.  I will try not to Complain and will do everything in my Power to Learn how to Live in this World with my Little Boy.


Would You like some Change with Your Autism?

So, Kaden's very 1st play date was the other day.  It was very exciting and he was anticipating the day for like a week now.  Before I share all the Great details of the Big Event I wanted to Share a bit about getting to the Big day.  I know a lot of my Readers don't have a child on the Spectrum, so I wanted you to really understand the process of something so wonderful as a Play date.  

Most Children I would say squeal with delight about the thought of a Friend coming over to play.  They need no coaching, no check list and no Plan B or C.  But, that's not Kaden's life.  We have to prepare for different scenarios, have our checklists and Defiantly have a Plan B and C.  Actually this has been a month of Planning and a Team of 9 people to prepare for this Important day.


Would You like a Little Food with Your History??

 One of Kaden's Therapists is from Poland.  She brings so much History and Culture to our Homeschooling Table each day she's with us.  A few weeks ago she decided to share more about her Life in Europe.  She brought books, money and different foods to try.  We all were so interested to learn about the many countries she has lived in.  Kaden was fascinated the most about Germany and Poland.  He wanted to know everything about the History, their Architecture and the Wars!!  Who can forget about that?


Painful Stimming

Autism and Pain, is there a connection?

In Our house we seem to think so.  Kaden is a pain seeker, always has been.  When he was a Toddler I remember him bringing me a blanket and asking me to roll him up tight.  So, that's what we did and over time he would ask if we could lean back on him or stand on his feet.  Kind of odd requests, but not for sensory seeking Kaden.  


Doughy Fingers Control School Time Wiggles

We have been working hard in school everyday.  We have a nice little schedule going on and I think the curriculum is spot on.  Even though Kaden is eager to learn, he still has a hard time focusing on the words coming out of my mouth.  He's getting up and down, moving seats, playing in his hair, flicking his pencil everywhere and asking questions that are off topic.  Have You ever Experienced this with any of your Kiddos????? 


Christmas Magic Motherload!!!

I have been waiting and waiting for Kaden to find this Elf on the Shelf I bought last week.  For three days I put it all over the house hoping he would notice it.  The first place I tried was beside the huge fireplace....didn't see it.  Ok, I'll put it by the computer, he spends half a day there he should find it.  It was literally touching the screen of his computer.  


Everything Homeschool at Your Finger Tips

I will admit that I'm Slow to Rise in the Morning.  But, when I opened my Email and found out I was given the Opportunity to Review the latest The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (November/December Issue), both Online and the App I jumped out of Bed Quickly.  I have Loved this Treasure Trove from the Moment I was given a Physical copy back 8 years ago.  I was just a nervous Momma walking down a New Road with No Clue on what to do Next.  Whether you are a New Homeschooler or about to Graduate number 4, there is Something in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine just for You. 


Watering My Thankful Tree with Love

One of Our 1st Traditions for the Holiday Season is to Put up Our Thankful Tree.  I have been doing this Since Skylar was very Little.  Every year I say I'm going to carefully take the Tree down and reuse it, but I never do.  Making it is almost as much apart of the Tradition as it is to fill out all the little leaves.  


Christmas Ham, but not on Christmas

 Yummy Ham with Spirals of Brown sugar.......all this Piggy Goodness all for me!!!  Every Christmas we have the same Meal, the Star of the show of course is Ham.  And we have Homemade Mac and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Rolls, Yams, Green Bean Casserole, Broccoli Salad, Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce.  Every year, same thing except an occasional veggie swap.  


My Little Holiday Book!

I've been ridiculously busy and slow to get this up.  Sooooo sorry, after a long fight with the Internet people yesterday I am finally up and running and not having to rely on pecking out Facebook posts on my phone.  :)
So, I worked on my Holiday notebook and I have my Thankful Tree all put up.  First thing to share is my notebook.  


My Light has Color....lot's of Color!!

I'm definitely one of those Artsy People, that I'm sure You'll find peddling my latest Paintings of  Trees at a Local craft Fair 20 years from now. :) But, right now I'm Happy to be crafting away with my Kiddos in the Comfort of my own Homeschool Room.  And even though I was born with a glue gun in hand and my first actual word was Van Gogh I still have a lot to learn about technique and style and the History of many Famous Artists.  In the past I've used a little of this and a little of that.  But, to find a program like See the Light where you mix a Quality Project, History and the Lords word.  Is this Christmas or What????


What my kids do when they are Bored!!!!

This is what happens when my kids get bored and Mahala recently finished her Unit Study on Native American Indians.  HAHAHAHAHA