Christmas Magic Motherload!!!

I have been waiting and waiting for Kaden to find this Elf on the Shelf I bought last week.  For three days I put it all over the house hoping he would notice it.  The first place I tried was beside the huge fireplace....didn't see it.  Ok, I'll put it by the computer, he spends half a day there he should find it.  It was literally touching the screen of his computer.  

Ok, now I was strangely aggravated, because I was sooooo looking forward to his Reaction.  You know, the Excitement, the Wonder in his Eyes, the Tooth Paste Commercial Smile and Laughter.  
Alright, maybe I was dreaming a little too big.  But, something people, anything would be fine after 3 days of dancing around this HUGE Elf Box!!

So, we decided to put it in his chair right before dinner.  I had everything on the table and called everyone to come grab some grub.  I was excited, because I knew this was it.  Tonight's the night we would read the book, have some hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows.  It was going to be so much fun!!!

So, he comes in the kitchen yapping about Minecraft and blah, blah, blah.  Sorry, I have no idea about this game he speaks of.  :) I was like just hurry up and come take a seat.  :)  So, he pulls out the chair and Picks Up The Box and lays it on the floor.  Really, really you are killing me Kid!!!  So, I put on my exaggerated face and was like what is that Kaden?????

It's some Elf toy with his hands sewn together with packs of Fresheners that say do not eat on them.

All I could do was stand there and look at him, I literally heard Crickets, falling Fairies and Unicorns hit the floor.  What's a Parent to do?????  You just go with it.... and that's what I did.   After explaining what I "thought" this whole Elf thing was about he spent the better half of dinner going over the logical reasons why this toy was just a toy.  

What's a Momma to do around here to get a little Christmas Magic up in here?  I decided to drop it and look at it from a Logical stand point.....I am capable some times to do this.  HAHAHAHA  After Dinner I Opened it up and he walked over and picked it up examining it.  We read the story on the back of the box.  And he kind of Perked up a bit.  "Oh, the Magic dosen't come until we Name him and he goes back to Santa each night.  And if we Touch him he losses his Magic"!
I have Hit the Christmas Magic Motherload!!!!  YES!!!   

Kaden Inspected him and wrestled a little with the whole idea, but was pretty Open to the whole idea.  We decided to Sign up Our Elf.  He named him.....Elfy!  Original and Creative I know, he is his Momma's Boy!  ;)

We put him above the Fireplace and Kaden was so Anxious he couldn't sit still.  He was mesmerized by our New Family addition.  I loved that he was Opening his mind to the thought of something that probably wasn't real, but might be.  This was a good thing for him to stretch his thinking.

So, there sits Elfy....next to a Picture of Our Sweet Kaden when he was just a little guy.  Elfy, You have a BIG Job ahead of You this Year....I hope You can keep up!

Kaden was determined to stay up long enough to see Elfy fly.  He kept running back and forth, checking the clock and then checking on Elfy.  I though the Child was going to snap a Blood vessel in his neck from worry.  we decided to let him do it.  There was nothing we could Say to make him calm down enough to Sleep, so we sat up with him.  Sometime after 1am we stopped hearing the patter of his feet.  We paused our movie and look what I found.

A Sleeping Kaden......

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