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I will admit that I'm Slow to Rise in the Morning.  But, when I opened my Email and found out I was given the Opportunity to Review the latest The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (November/December Issue), both Online and the App I jumped out of Bed Quickly.  I have Loved this Treasure Trove from the Moment I was given a Physical copy back 8 years ago.  I was just a nervous Momma walking down a New Road with No Clue on what to do Next.  Whether you are a New Homeschooler or about to Graduate number 4, there is Something in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine just for You. 

My Journey with TOS started with a Highlighter and a cup of Coffee the size of a MAC Truck!  I dived in and I learned so much regarding Learning Styles, Curriculum, Unit Studies, Organization and Most importantly Encouragement.  We can all use a large dose of that in Our Lives.

Now that the Magazine is Digital, it's much Easier and Faster to Highlight and find Exactly what I'm looking for with just a click of a Button.  Not having to go Digging through Stacks and Stacks of Magazines looking for that Holiday Idea or Unit Study I wanted to do with the Kids Saves me a Ton of Time and Energy!!

Enjoying The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has never been easier!  You can Read it Free Online or on one of Many Devices.  Issues are Updated Bi-Monthly and did I mention that You have FREE Access.  My Husband could not be Happier to see this Pile of Magazines disappear from my Bedside table!!  :)  And I Love that I can Read Anytime and Anywhere I want without one more thing in my Purse. 

I Read both Online and on my Android and I Appreciate how User Friendly it is.  I love that I can Zoom in, Share Specific Articles or Ads with Friends and Family and that I can do a Search for what I'm looking for right away.  Once You download, you can click a button and a list of all the Issues links are Organized by Page number.  So, after You Read something that Tugs at Your Heart, You can just head Straight over to the Company's page, Writer's Blog or send an Email to the Editor in one minute.  You have to Love that!!  I use this Feature all the Time when I'm Mapping out Our Month or during School Time when we use a Project idea or Article for our Lesson.  If You Look on The Old Schoolhouse Website You can see more of The Old Schoolhouse Family!!  So much Helpful and Encouraging Info right at Your Finger tips!

In the Current Issue there is an Article I specifically Enjoyed, "Teaching Children to Serve".  Malia Rusell explains how Serving starts in the Home and also Teaches your Kiddos to have Respect and take Responsibility.  As Children grow older they can branch out and Serve in the Community, both as a Family and Independently.  Malia Talks about a "Memory Jar" in her article.  You take slips of paper and write down a few words that will Remind you of a time You and Your Family Served Others.  And then on Christmas or New Years you can go through the Jar and Enjoy the Great Memories You Share of the Times you Served Others.  As You know I Love a New Tradition, I've been adding to Our List for Years.  So, this was Something I was thrilled to Start with the Family.  What a Wonderful New Tradition My Family is going to Start Right Now!!! 

So, what are You waiting for, head on Over and sign up to Gain Access to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  Don't Forget to come back and Tell me all the New and Encouraging Blessings You receive.

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