Watering My Thankful Tree with Love

One of Our 1st Traditions for the Holiday Season is to Put up Our Thankful Tree.  I have been doing this Since Skylar was very Little.  Every year I say I'm going to carefully take the Tree down and reuse it, but I never do.  Making it is almost as much apart of the Tradition as it is to fill out all the little leaves.  

After Thanksgiving we keep the leaves in bags with the year marked on them along with the Kiddos ages.  We love to look back from time to time to see what was important to the Kids at various ages.  Just the other day Mahala, who just turned 14 said she wanted to see what Skylar put the year he had turned 14.  

During the whole Month of November I keep a stash of leaves in a little Basket with some Markers and Tape.  That way whenever the mood strikes the Family to put something on the Tree they can do so on their Own.  I Love hearing the Kid's Excitement as they run and hurry to the Tree to put something up that they are Thankful for throughout the day.  

On Thanksgiving during Our Dinner we will go take all the leaves down and read them out while we eat.  Sometimes we wait and do it during the Desert Fest afterwards, it just depends.  A Great way to Begin and End Your Thanksgiving Meal.

There are many different ways You can do this.  Twice, I have used branches from an old tree and put them in a pot filled with rocks and pine cones.  We tied leaves onto the branches.  I have made a Poster Board sized one for a Church Group and we also did one out of Popsicle sticks when Mahala was in Girl Scouts.  One Year we were all so Very Sick, so we did a Thankful Jar.  We actually ended up doing that for almost a Whole year the Kids Loved it so much!! 

I encourage Your Family to make their very Own Thankful Tree.  Materials are minimum and the Time and Effort you put into it will Bless You Tremendously when You go around the table sharing each others Words of Thankfulness.  It Warms Your Heart and Blesses Your Soul!  :)  Please Share Your Ideas with me I would Love to Hear!

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