Would You like a Little Food with Your History??

 One of Kaden's Therapists is from Poland.  She brings so much History and Culture to our Homeschooling Table each day she's with us.  A few weeks ago she decided to share more about her Life in Europe.  She brought books, money and different foods to try.  We all were so interested to learn about the many countries she has lived in.  Kaden was fascinated the most about Germany and Poland.  He wanted to know everything about the History, their Architecture and the Wars!!  Who can forget about that?

I can see now he's going to be another History Buff like Skylar.  Goodie, Goodie for me!!  I'm a Science Queen myself, but since I started Homeschooling the Kiddos History has grown on me just a little bit.  :)

I know I've said this before, but Kaden Loves to Help out in the Kitchen.  So, I try to incorporate as much Cooking as possible when we Learn.  I even have a Math Cookbook for those days that sitting on the computer or down to a worksheet just wont cut it.  On that particular day we made a Traditional Polish dish.  And for the Life of me I can't remember the name of it!!!  :(  

We added Panchetta, Sausages, Tomatoes, Onions, Bell Peppers(RED,YELLOW,ORANGE), Pepper, Salt, Paprika and some Chicken Broth together.  Oh my goodness....so delicious!!!  We served in with GF Toast and sipped Lemon Tea.  Kaden helped every step of the way too.  
Did he Cut any fingers???  Yes, he did....we all did.  I thought it was unusual that everyone cooking cut themselves at some point.  

Kaden said that Sometimes to Enjoy Great Food you must Endure Great Pain!  The Boy has Spoken!!!

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