My Little Holiday Book!

I've been ridiculously busy and slow to get this up.  Sooooo sorry, after a long fight with the Internet people yesterday I am finally up and running and not having to rely on pecking out Facebook posts on my phone.  :)
So, I worked on my Holiday notebook and I have my Thankful Tree all put up.  First thing to share is my notebook.  

 Now, I know there are things you can go out and buy that has everything neat and typed out.  But, I enjoy the prep of making mine every year.  it's just the process of stopping the normal list of Do's and carving out the time to plan the Holiday Season while being a little creative. 
First thing I do is grab a notebook, colored pencils or markers, a pen and a Calendar.

I map out normally October, November, December and New Year's Eve & Day.  This year with the move and Family sickies I didn't get to do October.  
My Categories are: Crafts, Activities, Traditions, Decorations and Food.  December has an additional Gifts/Services for Others Category.   I go through and fill out what I know is definitely happening.  Then I have it in my Special Spot to go back and add and cross off once completed.

My December has a Few extra Pages......

Gift List for the Kiddos

Stocking Stuffers and Santa Gift

12 Days of Christmas for the Kiddos List

I use this to track all my Purchases and to make sure that I don't double up on something or give the wrong gift.  Yes, I have done that.  :)  I have kept this a Secret for 19 years and this year is the 1st time I two oldest know about it.  They were so shocked to see what all went into having Our Holidays be what they are.  Yes, Hot Chocolate night under the stars was planned 2 months ahead of time.  :)  Do things change????  Absolutely they do, but for someone like me who is a fly by the seat of my pants kind of Girl.....having this little notebook handy helps me stay focused on the True Reason of the Season.  :)

Next I will share some Activities and Traditions for November.....what are some of Yours?

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