School Time Goes a Little Like This....

I noticed that I don't share as much as I thought I did about our Homeschooling.  Weird, totally because I feel like my whole life is Homeschooling.  So I thought I would share on a more regular basis what we are up to these days.  Mahala is nearing the end of her Homeschool stint, but Kaden has many more fun years ahead.  I'll tell you about Mahala today......

Mahala is all over the place right now.  Her schooling looks kind of like a Quilt with pieces from here and there and everywhere.  Each morning her and I honestly start out slow...we usually cook together, enjoy our coffee or hot cocoa while we catch up on social media or watch a show from whatever series we are addicted to.  We use this time to just be.....having a younger sibling with Autism is difficult and you need that down time.  Kaden usually plays Minecraft while we do this, so it's actually kind of quiet.  

Right now my Daughter-in-Love is working with her in Math 3-4 days a week.  Math was never easy for me, I always struggled.  I struggled to the point that even easy Math tripped me up because I was so nervous! :)  We are concentrating on all things English, Literature and History for the next few months.  Then in April, May, June and July we will turn to Sciences like Botany and Chemistry along with continuing Math, Reading and any electives.  Her Electives are editing on the computer, photography and Music.

At least once a week, we focus on the Arts...Music and Artistry in some form.  We also have started a day a week that we practice Self-Care.  She will be a Wife and Mother one day to her own Kiddos, Nieces, Nephews, her Church and Community....not to mention a Job either for Herself or an employer.  So, I want her to learn now how to take care of herself...not to put herself last on the list.  She needs to show herself compassion and rest.  I am taking this last year and a half to really help her build an arsenal for herself to replenish her soul every single day.  I learned this only recently....I want to give her the tools now to try and save her some of the hurdles I had to jump over.

We also Meditate and do deep breathing techniques daily and right now the weather is not so good for Mommas with Lupus like myself...so in the Winter time I stay inside more.  But, once the weather looks better we will bring school outside as much as possible.  
So, that's about what Her school looks like right now.  More details soon about Specifics. :)


Not so Little RV Adventure~part1

So, it's been a few months since we have been home now from our RV trip.  Our cross country experience was amazing.....I was blown away with America!! 
While we traveled I journaled, took a ton of pictures and now I want to sit down and walk through it all with you.  I plan to share the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Extremely Ugly!!  I tried to post while we were on the road, but unfortunately with spotty internet connection, family adventures and mishaps I just didn't get it all posted.  Now I can take the time and redeem myself with sharing our Not so Little RV Adventure!!!

The Day Before we are set to leave we spend ALL DAY loading the last bit of stuff into our 2017 Thor Windsport.  We are ready to call it a night so we can wake up first thing in the morning and head out.  So, we clear up the boxes, wrappers and trash and Hubby goes over and pushes the Slide Button to bring in our full wall unit Slide.  And guess what?  It wouldn't come in....we tried and tried, over and over and then we heard a huge POP!!!  

Nearly 2 hours into talking with a service rep and trying to safely get it in far enough so neighbors wouldn't crash into it we were exhausted.  It was a Friday night, so we had to sit and wait until Monday to see if we could bring the Windsport in.  That was the LONGEST weekend, we were all bummed, just deflated really.  First thing Monday morning we called and they said we could bring it in Tuesday.  But, he warned us that if parts were needed it could take up to 3 weeks to get them in and installed.  Honestly we didn't have that time...Hubby was off on his Sabbatical, we had no other choices.  He was off and this was cutting into our cross country time. :(

See what happens that following day Next!


The Thirsty Reader

No matter where we are Kaden is sure to find a cozy spot and a book.  I remember back on our RV trip he would pick up pamphlets from every place we stopped.  He is a sponge just soaking up information from anywhere and everywhere.   That was one of the cool things about our trip, knowledge was lurking around every corner just waiting to be discovered.
He reads so fast...it's almost impossible to quench his thirst for reading.  Leslie asked me if he comprehended what he read.  She had taken him the other day to a Book store where he read 3 books while she leisurely browsed new titles and sipped coffee.  The answer is......Absolutely!  

I'm always amazed when we take turns reading out-loud.....he reads super fast, I have to remind him that I need to comprehend too. :)  And when it's my turn to read 99% of the time he is on his tablet playing a game.  I know that sounds a little weird that I actually let him play while I read, but he can almost repeat the last several lines I read word for word.  I find he is antsy if he isn't doing something while I'm reading.  Sometimes he builds models of bridges or buildings, plays with slime or clay, but in the evening you will usually find us curled in the bed or on the couch with a book and his tablet.
This year we are looking at signing up for the Kindle Unlimited.....have you tried it?  If so, what are your thoughts? 


Zonderkidz The Beginner's Bible ~ REVIEW

Yay....it's time for the 1st Review of the year.  And what better way to celebrate the New Year then with an Updated Edition of the beloved children's Bible...The Beginner's Bible from Zonderkidz.  This cherished Children's Bible has been updated with cool 3D artwork in Honor of The Beginner's Bible 25th Anniversary!!!    I was so happy to be able to Review it because all three of my Kiddos have read the original.  When Skylar was just a few years old I bought him one and he enjoyed reading it for many years as did Mahala and now Kaden.  Having the newest edition ensures that future Grandkiddos will have the joy of reading it too.
As soon as Kaden opened the box and discovered what it was he was impressed.  It is so fresh and vibrantly colored, the characters leap up off the page.  It's 508 pages long and filled with over 90 Stories from the Bible.  I appreciate that the pages are sturdy and the cover is brilliant in color and design just like the original.  This Bible is geared for ages 4-8.  The youngest children with the bright art that pops out will grab their attention as you read to them and the older ones will stick around for the great stories.  With the many lessons and stories your Kiddos will be both entertain and educated with this delightful Bible.  I have found that it is wonderful to have by your kiddos bedside for bedtime reading, in the car for trips and even as a read aloud with the whole Family after dinner.
One of the great extras available to use along with The Beginner's Bible is all the online activities, games, trivia cards, placemats, coloring sheets, an App to download and much more.  Kaden's favorite was the online Jigsaw puzzles.  He also enjoyed the Jesus is Born and the Resurrection Video available online. 
Another one of the things I noticed in this New Edition is that the table of contents is visually easier to read and the stories are divided into New and Old Testament.  And the stories go in order and this was very pleasing to Kaden.....he likes "order".  Also, at the very back of the Bible is a few pages that feature a Dictionary.  A great start to build your little one's Biblical vocabulary.
Even though Kaden has read through the older edition many times he still read it all, but really spent a lot of time doing the online activities.  I would highly recommend The Beginner's Bible as an introduction to the Bible for any young child.  You can never start reading to them too early, especially the Lord's Word.  I truly feel like it's a quality, sturdy story Bible that will open the doors to your little one's daily relationship in God's Word.  Gifting a young child with The Beginner's Bible is a precious thing that I'm so thankful we did many years ago with my own Kiddos.  I believe giving my Kids this gift made it easier for them to remember the important stories in the Bible and appealed to them because of the chosen artwork for each of the stories. 
I encourage you to go online now and see for yourselfall that Zonderkidz has to offer.  See all the excitement over The Beginner's Bible on Social Media today.
Crew Disclaimer
The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}


Meditation is Apart of Our Self-Care

Meditation has been apart of my life for three years now.  It came in around the time that I was dealing with some pretty intense Family and Health issues.  I remember the first few times I struggled with letting go and relaxing.  It was so unnatural for me to clear my mind, focus on myself and being present.  It was like I had this fear of being still in my own skin, what will happen when all the walls are down and I'm at one with the here and now?  Well, I'll tell you....I found a calming peace and was able to let go of the tension I carried in my shoulders and base of my head.  I was able to focus on my breathing and clear my mind from anything that wasn't positive in my life.

Read More About How We Meditate Here....


Our Slow Holiday Season

Usually for the whole month of December the kids and I push school work to the side.  But, this year because of our RV trip we "tried" to school this month.  I use the word "tried" very loosely.  :)  There is just too many things to do.  Literally I can count on one hand how many days we have left the house in the past 20 days.  Instead we have been cozy inside building, reading, crafting and cooking.  Almost daily we have something bubbling on the stove or crock-pot.  Fresh cookies or something sweet and salty is always being freshly made and let me not forget the countless Bible Journaling I have done.
This has been an amazing month all enjoyed under the glow of our twinkling Christmas tree.  This Season has been about slowing down, reconnecting and spending time doing what is truly important to us.  How have you spent this Holiday Season?


When Jesus Was a Green-Eyed Brunette ~ REVIEW

I love a great book just about any time of the year, but during the cold winter months it's even better.  You get to grab a toasty beverage, slap on some fuzzy socks and curl up with your favorite blanket and get lost within the pages of your book.  I recently was given the opportunity to Review When Jesus was a Green-Eyed Burnette written by Max Davis from FlyBy Promotions.  Honestly it was the


December Update!

It has been so long since I have posted here....Sorry!  The month of December is so filled with projects, crafts and nights of hot chocolate, board games and Christmas movies.  Not to mention I have been sick...the whole house had it and I was the last.  I held on as long as I could!  HAHAHAHA
I hope everyone is having a Beautiful December Month....this is my Favorite Month!  Over the next few days I will share all that we have been doing.  

Blessings & Hugs


Bible Journaling Kit ~ REVIEW

It's no secret that I have been coloring in my Bible for a few years now to my Family.  But, I haven't always blasted it out on here but on occasions.  One of my most prized possessions is my ruddy mauve King James Bible I received from my Foster Parents when I was Saved and Baptized at 16.  Every since then no matter what the circumstance I have walked closely with the Lord.  Coming from the Bible Belt area in our country I would have never thought to


Hey Monday.... See Ya Later!!!

I decided while on our RV trip that when I got back home I wouldn't be doing anymore Mondays.  I mean honestly who Likes Mondays?  So, I have decided that Mondays are going to be kind of like "warm up" days.  So, that I can gear up for the other 4 days and following weekend.  
My weekends look like this:  Big Family Breakfasts, Movie Marathons, Game Fests and a Mad Dash around the house picking up Messes.  So, on Mondays I used to drag around and beat myself up for not being productive enough.  Not, anymore!  I make sure that the important things are accomplished like feeding my Family and my Soul.  Then I make sure the kids Read, complete some sort of project or chore like Mahala just finished cleaning her bathroom from top to bottom.  And I make sure I'm organized and ready to go for the next 4 days of school and complete any phone calls, emails or assignments I'm working on.  

This change has given our Home a more relaxed atmosphere and I have found that we are so productive the rest of the week.  I enjoy lighting candles, listening to music and slowly move into full force on Tuesday.  Today I prepped my Bible Journal for December's Devotional Project, made about 5 phone calls, took care of some Blog/Social Media matters, painted, made a delicious pot of Kale and Turkey soup, washed clothes and read books with Kaden while noshing on blueberry scones and hot chocolate.   And tonight we will start on the Christmas tree....a Beautiful Monday!  How was your Monday, sending Happy Holiday Vibes out to everyone!!!


The 101 Series ~ REVIEW

I can not believe that I only have a few years left Homeschooling Mahala....it has gone by way too fast.  That said we have been busy catching up in any areas that she's not strong in and all the loose ends are being tied up.  She needs only one more Science to graduate and that was going to be Zoology.  But, thanks to this next Review she is going to be able to add Chemistry as her final Science.  The Chemistry 101 curriculum is from The 101 Series and it couldn't have come our way at a better time.  Normally we like to use Christian based Science programs and I was thrilled to see that this program hit that nail on the head.  I was pleased to see the quality of the 4 DVDs and videos.  This Series was produced by Westfield Studios, which was created by Wes Olsen.  Wes Olsen is a Homeschool Dad that had 15 years of film production experience and a love for Science that decided he wanted to make a High school level curriculum that was easy to use, understandable and visually enriched.  From the first lesson I can confidently say he succeeded! 


Commissioned from Chara Games~ REVIEW

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/11%20-%20November/14%20-%20Chara%20Games/Commissioned_zps3upxfxaf.jpgFamily Game Day and Night happens around here a lot.  I simply Love how snacks, a deck of cards or a board game can make us put our phones down for several hours and spend time with just each other.  Recently we were given a Brand New Game called Commissioned from Chara Games to Review.  We were so excited when it finally came in the mail....we declared that tonight would be Game Night because we couldn't wait another moment.  And then we opened it and glanced through the direction booklet and instantly thought oh boy this game is intense.  Luckily I remembered the video you could watch that gave the BEST explanation of a game I had ever seen.  And we were even able to watch a quick round played so that was extremely helpful.  It only took a few rounds of us playing before we felt comfortable and now after playing several times we don't even need the directions as a reference.


Tuesday Self-Talk ~ Four Violet

This is my very 1st Tuesday in my Tuesday Self-Talk Series over at Four Violet...... I wanted to share on here too.  Check it out each week, because we are commanded to Love ourselves and what better way to do that then to Power Up our Self-Talk!!!  No more Negativity!!!  God created us Beautifully in His likeness.  

I have found that Daily Affirmations are a positive way to start your day.  Or when you start battling negative self-talk, try one of these instead. :)  In the Bible it says Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…” What we think, we’ll eventually say and what we say is very powerful.  We can speak words of life and we can speak words of cursing.  The Bible warns us to guard our thoughts and mouths.  Proverbs 18:20-21 says “From the fruit of his mouth a man’s stomach is filled; with the harvest from his lips he is satisfied.  The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit.”  Bellow are just a Few Affirmations to get You started, I'll share more each week.  I have mine written on index cards on my bathroom mirror, dash of my van, at my desk and in my planner.....get creative and let your Self Love Flooooow!

*I am strong.
*I am wise.
*I am precious in the eyes of God.
*I can love and be loved.
*I have power to choose my course in life.
*I accept my self for who I am.

*I replace my anger with understanding and compassion.

*I know that God’s unfailing love surrounds me and that I can trust Him.

*I have everything I need.  
*I trust my ever-increasing ability to eliminate the non-essential and appreciate that which matters.


Four Violet Illustrates Bible Time

Illustrating my Bible Time over on my other Blog.

Wow...I have been reflecting like crazy over here.... Part of my Dalies that I strive real hard to do is to Read my Bible and Journal along with Illustrate whatever comes to my heart.
One of my Bible times this week reminded me of my childhood.

Read More Here....


Homeschool Legacy ~ REVIEW

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/11%20-%20November/2%20-%20Homeschool%20Legacy/Indians-580x780_zpsyjajn82a.jpgOur RV trip across the country was amazing and along the way we were able to incorporate a ton of History into our days.  Being partially Native American I was thrilled to be able to soak in so much about my Heritage that I didn't even know about.  The kids were really into it too, so it was an adventure for us all to say the least.  Now that we are home and getting back into the swing of things after being gone for 9 weeks.  Jumping back onto the homeschool wagon has been a little touch and go for Kaden.  Light bulb moment.....how about a Unit Study, to shake things up I thought?  Enter the answer to what I needed....a Review opportunity from Homeschool Legacy with their Many Nations Once -a-Week Micro-Study. (recommended for grades 1-8)  YES!!!  


Looking Like Christmas

Here is a few pages I've got started for Christmas.  We always make a ton of treats for Friends, Family and our Neighbors.  So, I have a several sweet treats that make their appearance every single year.  But, we also like to introduce some new treasures each year too.  This year I'm going to do some bread making, both sweet and savory varieties.
The little house over on the right is just my way of being able to have a visual of what will be on our Christmas Chain.  Read More HERE!!


Accountable2You ~ REVIEW


This next Review is going to be a real personal Review....it's about keeping your Family Safe....keeping everyone Accountable.  I have shared a little in the past about our Family's experience with addiction.  It's personal and not all My story to tell, so I haven't shared in detail on here and I probably never will.  But, this next Review came at a great time for our Family.....at a Healthy time in our lives.  We were given a year long subscription from Accountable2You for their Family Plan.  They also offer a Group Plan, Individual Plan, and Small Business Plan, so there is something suitable for anyone.  So, what is this Amazing Family Plan?  Well, first let me tell you a little bit about our story.

Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. ~ Review

I Love new school supplies....but there is one thing that I love even more then that.....New Art Supplies!!!!  Not too long ago I did a Review for Kwik Stix and Kaden absolutely Loved them.  So, when they asked me to try more of their products I was thrilled to accommodate that request.  And little Man was just as happy!  When we came home from our RV trip they were sitting there waiting for us.  Kaden has a lot to say about these new sets we tried.

We were generously given 2 different sets from The Pencil Grip, Inc., the 6 pack of Metalix and 6 pack of Neons.  Kwik Stix are a Solid Tempera Paint that dries in 90 seconds!!  Yes, you read correctly...honestly in my experience it dries even faster then that.  You can paint with this product on cardboard, wood, plastic, paper and more. 


What's over on the New Blog.....

It almost sounds too good to be true to have both a Meaningful and Simple Holiday Season.  But, that's exactly what I'm planning on having.  I only have a quick moment, but I wanted to write this out to share with all of you.  For years now I have stuck with a simple organized plan.  The key is organization, I have done things basically the same way for about 10 years now.  Before I made my system that actually worked for me I was always running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I thought to myself....it's just not fun, I can't enjoy this season of my life and my children's lives if I'm so scattered and last minute.

Read More on My New Simple Lifestyle Blog...... Four Violet

CrossTimber ~ REVIEW

Growing up in foster care after my parents passed away really made me appreciate life, Family and the Lord.  I knew from an early age that I couldn't wait to have a Family of my own....with lots of Kiddos! :)  Well, the Lord gave me three beautiful ones and I have enjoyed every minute of our Family Life.  One thing that has been a bit sour is the fact that they have no living Grandparents.  And we really don't know a lot about our Family and where I come from.  For the past few years though we have researched a little on that and have learned a lot.  This has sparked an interest of our Heritage for My Daughter Mahala.  She has been scouring through photos, my parents old paper work and even made some phone calls to a few living Family members.  I had never heard of CrossTimber before, but I was thrilled to have the opportunity to Review a Personalized Framed Plaque with Name Meaning and Bible Verse from them.  


Middlebury Interactive Languages ~ REVIEW


Since being on our 9+ week RV trip I can finally say we are in full school node now.  Most everything is unpacked, washed up and we are rested. :)  And that means now our energy is fully on school and little projects here and there.  This next Review I was so thrilled to be apart of.  Middlebury Interactive Languages has been a company we have Reviewed for before and have not only enjoyed it, but actually learn and retain what we have learned. 
This time we were able to Review High School German 1 from Middlebury Interactive Languages.  I was excited Mahala decided to learn German.  When she was younger and Skylar was taking German she picked up her colors and numbers, but nothing fluent.  So, we still felt like it was starting from scratch.


How Does Your Garden Grow?

I would never say I have a green thumb…not even a light green thumb.  But, my desire to have rows and rows of beautiful fruits, veggies and flowers is almost painful.  This past year was my best year yet.  We successfully grew strawberries, lettuces, onions, herbs and carrots.  We knew we were going on a long RV trip, so we didn’t want to commit to a huge garden that nobody would be around to tend to.
This year is going to be different…..I’m already drawing up plans for some new planters that my Daughter who is extremely handy with tools is going to build for me this Spring!  Oh Happy Day!!!  Now to look into seeds, churn my existing soil and line up some starter plants from my Local Nursery.  I usually get a few plants that are already thriving to add into my rows of seeds.  Unless I plant real early in the year.  How do you start planting and tending to your gardens?  Are you a lone-gardener or do you make it a Family affair?


The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection ~ REVIEW

It's no secret I love Christmas with a passion.  When others start planning Halloween costumes and thinking about trick or treating routes I'm under the stairs polishing my 30 year old Nativity set inspecting this year's cracks and missing paint flecks.  So, I had no hesitation in whipping out and Reviewing the Digital Downloads of  The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection from The Familyman. 
Kaden loves Audio Adventures and during our Rv trips we listen to countless audio Dramas and Books.  Our whole Family was able to start this  Collection towards the end of our last trip.  But. mainly Kaden was the one who spent the most time listening to them over and over.  He listened to them all in just 2 days.  But, would replay them while we drove, while he played or just lounging around.  Here are the titles from the Christmas Treasury....they are all written by Todd Wilson and read by Jim Hodges.


Educeri Lesson Subscription Service ~ REVIEW

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/10%20-%20October/17%20Educeri/More%20than%201000%20Handouts_zpsgzuu8ysr.jpgI can not tell you how many times Kaden has asked me about a topic that I just look blankly back at him and wonder to myself just where did he come from.  And then I think back to how many times a day do I Google a subject I'm interested in or thumb through old books and magazines to find that article that I have the time to research more about.  He gets it from me and that's why we spend countless hours poured over books at the Library and hunched over the computer piecing together information and answers to his most important questions.  I have a few favorite places I hit up regularly because it gets him the answers he wants.  But, I'm noticing as he gets older his questions have grown from looking for simple answers.  But, he's wanting to understand the why and learn to replicate the how.  While we were on our RV trip for 9 weeks it was a Gold Mine out there in the real world.  Information at every turn and while we were nearing the end of our trip we were given an opportunity to Review  what I think may be an answer to my prayers.  Educeri .....  Educeri a division of DataWORKS has over 1000 Ready to Teach Lessons with their Educeri Lesson Subscription Service.  Yes, you read right.....Ready to Teach, nothing else needed. 


A Little Bit of Me Time.....

Have you heard of Self Care?  I had never heard of it before until a few years ago when our Family went through a crisis and my world came to a crashing halt.  That's when I first heard about Self Care.  I learned that it's true what the flight attendant always tells you at the beginning of your flight.  If you don't put the oxygen max on yourself first you wont be able to help your traveling partner beside you that's gasping for breath. 

Every single day I make a point to practice Self Care.  I have this bag I put together filled with lotions, a candle, nail polishes, books, journals, pens, candies, cards with affirmations on them, pictures of Family and I have a list of things to do for myself.  On that list I have meditation, walking, art, writing, facials, hair masks, soak my feet, read, watch a movie alone with Pop Corn, 5-10 minutes of intentional deep breathing, take a bath with essential oils, make up a scrub or oil combination, make a cup of tea or coffee and drink it outside.  There are so many things that you can add to your special list.  I usually take one to two times out of my day to do one of the things mentioned above.  Some days it may be just lighting a candle, clicking on Pandora and enjoying my morning shower.  Or drinking my tea outside while deep breathing....the point is to take time for yourself and stop putting everyone's needs before your own. 
As Parents that can be hard, my youngest has Autism.  But, I know if I'm not right with myself, I'm not going to be able to be there mentally and emotionally.  Take some time for yourself this next week and watch the difference it makes.


Online Christian Filmmakers Academy ~ REVIEW


My Mahala is a natural photographer.  I know without a doubt that God gave her a talent.  Even though there is talent and passion when she's behind a lens.... she can use all the learning experiences she can.  Which is why I was thrilled to hear she would be able to Review the Online Christian Filmmakers Academy from Family Gravity Media, a division of Families For Christ Ministries, Inc.   Honestly I wasn't even sure what this course included...I just knew any new info I could get in front of her would be beneficial.  And I'm so thankful I was right....it was like Christmas had come early for her!

I had plans to do this along with Mahala because when she needs help photographing and asks for something I would like her to eventually one day be able to call things by their proper name and not round thingy with the squiggly lines.  But, since we were heading home from our 2 month long Rv trip I was overwhelmed and once we made it home I was exhausted.  Needless to say she couldn't wait for me to catch my breath....she had to get started right away.  So, I will probably crack open the videos after the Holidays. :)

  • Module 1 ~ Camera
  • Module 2 ~ Cinematography 
  • Module 3 ~ Sound
  • Module 4 ~ Pre-Production
  • Module 5 ~ Production
Basically Mahala has worked through 3 of the 5 modules so far.  And we are amazed at all that she has learned when even she thought she knew all of the basics.  Each Module contains quizzes that to my surprise she listed as one of her positives.  She said it was nice to be tested on this new knowledge to make sure she actually retained it! :)  Mahala said she learned that you have a lot of options when film making and just one little change can make the viewer's perspective change.  She also commented on how nice it was to see them handling the equipment.  She is always so careful when handling her equipment....almost insainly careful. I think she might loosen up a bit now since she feels a little more confidence in caring for her camera.  Mahala's favorite part of Cinematography is editing, she even edits her older Brother's videos.  
Since I have not taken the course I was asking her what her over all thoughts were and they were all positive.  She said that anyone wanting to get into Cinematography or just learn more about the Camera could benefit from taking this course.  She said it was nice to see that at the bottom of the lessons you could post ideas or questions and they would get back to them.  Another bonus was the quality of the course, very professional, super user friendly and legit and not boring.  (Her words, not mine....) 

Would we recommend Online Christian Filmmakers Academy?  For sure if you own a Camera, take videos and or need credits for your High-school student in the Arts department.  I think it's a very great elective that really hits on a major part of today's culture for teens and young adults.  When I was in High-school I didn't think about taking videos, but in today's world.....my 9 year old takes better videos then I do.  Like I said....I'll be taking this course after the Holidays! :)  Make sure you head over and see their NEW Online Christian Filmmakers Academy Facebook Page
 Crew Disclaimer
Online Christian Filmmakers Academy {Family Gravity Media}


MyFreezEasy ~ REVIEW


I Love Cooking and for years I have been a throw what I have in the pantry and fridge kind of person.  Crazy thing is those Goulashes as my Husband calls them have become some of my Family's Favorite meals.  But, the last few years we have changed a lot as far as our eating habits, what type of food we eat and how we eat it.  With that comes a little planning, but it's been worth it for the benefit of my Family.  Many years ago I used to take two Saturdays a month and by all the food I needed to make dinners for the following 2 weeks.  And the very next day I would cook it all.....talk about a jam packed freezer.  And the amount of planning and preparation it took to pull this off month after month was intense, so intense I only did this for about a year.  Did it help me during the time I worked outside the home and still homeschooled my Kiddos?  Yes, it sure did and that is why during this busy season of my life I was intrigued when I heard about this next Review.  MyFreezEasy generously gave me me an Annual Subscription to their MyFreezEasy.com Freezer Meal Plan Membership.  

I was so Excited for this Membership because previously when I would plan out meals for the freezer for later meals they were mainly casseroles or highly Carb filled...not to mentioned everything was mixed with the dreaded can of mushroom soup.  Why is that not a good thing for our Family?  Gluten, which we have tried to eliminate as much of it as possible for Kaden.  When I took a look at MyFreezEasy I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety of Healthy, Yummy food options.  Food that would not only be fast and easy to prepare on weeknights, but food that would meet all of our Family's dietary needs.
Here is a quick overview...there is 2 different Membership Plans to choose from.  The Basic and the Premium Membership.  What you get is the ability to have 5 customized recipes sent directly to your inbox that will take you an hour of prepare 10 meals from to freeze for later!  Each recipe gives you two delicious meals and every month you can look forward to new ones so you can kiss eating the same old thing over and over goodbye! :)  I was given the Premium Membership and the main thing I Love about it is it allows me to swap meals from any of the meal plans or even make up my own meal plan.  This works the Best for our Family because even though I tend to eat more clean high protein foods other Family members enjoy a little something different here and there as a surprise treat.  
I haven't even got to the Best Best Part...not only do both Memberships give you the recipes, but also a well detailed shopping list,  Assembly instructions for both the Prep Portion before you freeze and the the actual prep to thaw and cook.  Hands down this brings a tear to my eye...1st of all I hated writing out the shopping list when I did a big cook...no matter how hard I tried I always forgot at least one thing each Big Cook Day. :(  And please tell me I am not the only one to pull out a frozen bag of "something" and wonder what the heck is it and how do I reheat it and fix it properly to feed my starving Family. :)  With the Assembly instructions and printable labels for your freezer bags this wont be a problem ever again.  That alone is worth the membership here in this house. :) 

It was simple and easy to get started.  I logged on and did a happy dance when I saw all of my amazing choices.  Setting up my menu was easy, I printed my labels and lists and headed to the store.  I felt confident that everything I needed was right in my little hand, I shopped, laid everything out and got to work.  The instructions were clear, accurate and easy to execute.  I even got the kiddos involved in the cooking.....and the clean up too!

I also wanted to add that not only do you get suggested side options, but you are able to select serving sizes for your recipes.  That's awesome, because most recipes I find in magazines or online are for only 4 servings, sometimes 6.  But, we are a Hungry Family of 6.  I find a lot of the times recipes are small and when I try to bulk it up the flavor may be off.  So, being able to customize the serving amount for our Family was awesome.  And I just have to say I have used the meals I froze and they tasted fantastic and my Family was excited to have something other then a fast salad or snacky meal on those nights that I ran out of time before the dinner pains became apparent! :)

So, what did I think?  I loved this service.  It was helpful and to be honest I didn't even know that I needed something like this....but I do.  And I will more than likely continue with this service even after my Membership expires.  It gives me peace of mind knowing delicious healthy meals are already prepped and ready for my Family when I need them.  I encourage all my Momma Friends to take a look at this service.  Get a little help in areas of your life that get a bit hectic...it's okay! :)
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