British Medieval Lightning Literature ~ REVIEW

You know this next Review is right up my alley, but Mahala surprised me with being almost as enthused as I was to tap into a bit of Literature we both have never explored before.  We have been enjoying the challenge of using Hewitt Homeschooling's British Medieval Lightning Literature set.  I told Mahala and she looked at me confused.  I assured her that all was well, this would be an adventure.  And that it has been as we started collecting books needed before our package arrived.

We received both the Student and Teacher's guide.  The books you will need to get to go along with the guides are Beowulf, Piers the Ploughman, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Canterbury Tales. We had a few of these titles already surprisingly, so we were ready to go.  We started with reading the Student Introduction together.  I'm just as new to this kind of Literature, so I didn't want to miss a thing.  One of the main things they talked about and honestly the reason why I adore the thought of using another Lightning Literature course with Mahala is they stress the importance of reading classic Literature.  They encourage writing and provide motivation to sharpen those skills that she is bound to be using in almost all of her classes once she goes on to a University.  Composition will be a skill she will always probably wished she had spent a little more time on in Homeschool.  But, the growth I have see from her because of using programs and curriculum like what Hewitt Homeschooling has to offer is what has developed this transformation in her.  In this particular course they discuss all the aspects of Poetry.  I love Poetry, Mahala the past several months has loved Poetry and that warms my heart.  Memorization of Poetry is something we have worked on, with her ADD it's not always so easy.  Mahala has a whole process to learning that takes a little longer, but I think it causes her to appreciate it even more when she can recite her piece she's been working on.

We looked over the schedule given, but decided to tweak it just a little.  We had her start reading Beowulf alone and then we would read the next day together out-loud.  Then we would go over the Comprehension questions.  This did seem to stretch out our English time each week doing it that way.  But, we ended up doing a lot of rereading lines so we needed that extra time. :)  

So, what did I think?  We will finish the program and Mahala is learning to stretch her thinking and writing capabilities.  She has taken Literature that she normally wouldn't read and not just read to be reading it.  She put a lot of thought and this brought on great discussions around the dinner table.   We did skip to read Canterbury Tales after Beowulf.  It was a title we have had for years, just waiting to be picked up.  There were a lot of questions Mahala said, but the challenging part for her was the writing exercises, right off the bat she was pacing the floor over a short story assignment. 

I would recommend this to any Highschooler that's already taken some writing courses and who has studied Literature, or enjoys Literature.  The language and writing style is different, so it may be difficult, but well worth the hard work.  And as the Parent/Teacher you don't have to worry about grading all this on your own, they offer great Grading Tips.  Make sure you Connect with Hewitt Homeschooling today with Social Media!

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General Chemistry ~ REVIEW

Science is my favorite subject....I could dance circles around the classroom at just the thought of a new Science program.  Well, grab your coffee friends, cause Mama has a New Science program to share with you today.  Mahala has been dabbling in Chemistry here and there, but we really needed to get her Math where it needed to be before we opened a new can of worms.  But, she is free and in the clear to start our Chemistry journey and we have been using the General Chemistry program from Novare Science & Math.  They are not a New company, but they are breaking into the Homeschool community finally.  We are thrilled that they are and I can't wait to share with you all that Mahala and I have to say about it.


Praying a Little Prayer

What a crazy few weeks we have had.  Zooming here and there, trying to live as happy as we can with Autism always breathing down our backs.  But, this last week was almost too much and it wasn't just all about to do lists and Autism or even Lupus.  We found out some pretty shocking news.  News that left us crying till the wee morning hours that left us dragging throughout the following day.  
Someone we know that we spent a lot of time with over a year ago before our trip ended up taking their life.  But, not just that...before they took their life they took the life of someone else intentionally.  
We knew this person through a friend and Mahala spent the most time with him.  She is sad, angry, confused and speechless.  Honestly, I am too....just keeping my eyes on the Lord and a Prayer in my heart.


UnLock Geometry ~ Review

We have finally finished Algebra....it took what seemed like many many years, but it is done.  During the whole Algebra time we did take a break and did a short Geometry Study.  But, I wasn't convinced that it was going to be enough to adequately get Mahala to where she wanted to be in her Math.  Recently we started working with an online Math program called UnLock Geometry from UnLock Math.  We used them a few years ago for Pre-Algebra and wrote a Review.  We loved it, so after asking myself why didn't we continue after Pre-Algebra I quickly logged her in for her to start their New Geometry program.


Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series ~ REVIEW

I have never been a fan of talk radio and if I was to be completely honest I couldn't pick Rush Limbaugh out of a line up of five men.  But, several months ago my Husband was talking about this History book series that he wanted the kids to read.  He enjoys talk radio, anything to do with politics and if Rush Limbaugh is included then all the better.  I searched on Amazon and thought wow....they do look pretty good, down on the list it goes to be purchased over the summer. But, then the History fairies shinned a little light down on us and we were able to get our hands on the whole set, Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series from Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh to Review. 


Internship for High School Credit ~ REVIEW

Mahala is rounding one of the last few corners left in our time together homeschooling.  It breaks my heart thinking about this wonderful experience we have shared together coming to an end.  But, it's on to the next step and that means we are talking about college, a job and skill training.  I am a huge advocate of skill training, yes we need our Professional Degree earning people.  But, we also need people that learned trades and skills that we need and use weekly, even daily.  This next Review is from Apologia Educational Ministries, they sent me their Internship for High School Credit workbook.  Mahala has her eyes on college, but honestly I think it's more about playing softball then getting a degree.  But, she has many income producing interests right now.  One that has made her a great deal of contacts and money is pet sitting/walking services.  She's even learning basic K9 training skills to be able to offer in the future too.  She plays piano and knows in the future she could make money doing that, but her main passion is photography and she is so good at it.  This is where the internship possibility walks in.  But, how do you go about finding one?  Can it count for school credit?  What things do we need to look for when picking a possible internship?  What steps does she need to do to be prepared for this internship?  I mean there is so many questions and honestly we have kind of been putting it off till this next year because we weren't real sure it was something she could do.


Sweet Treats Around the Campfire

Honestly it's my favorite part of camping....the campfire.  I love the ritual of gathering wood, making the kindling, building and tending to the fire once it's going.  The relaxing crackle of the fire, the mesmerizing glow from the embers and the sweet conversation and laughter among my Family as we let the early morning drift closer and closer.

That's great and all, but we need a little something for our tummies too.  Of course we have the traditional Smores.  We love them and we try to see who can find the best cooking spot in the fire.  We all try each others creations with kit-kats, peppermint patties, rollos, peanut butter cups...you name it and we have smooshed it in between 2 graham crackers and a toasted marshmallow! :)  This last trip I did decided to use fudge stripped cookies instead of the graham cracker....yummmy!  I highly suggest getting a little container to collect all your Smore goodies so you don't have to fumble with packaging and breaking chocolate bars to fit while your defending your little honey hole in the fire!  :)

Another favorite is waffle cones or any ice cream cone really, filled with yummy goodness.  I love these because Kaden helps build them, he needs to be hands on as mush as possible to keep him engaged so I include him any way possible.  This trip we used rollos, chocolate and peanut butter chips.  And like always marshmallows.  You can use fresh berries or any candy you want, even sprinkles.  After you layer it in you wrap the cones with foil and stand the upright around the edge of the fire, not directly....it will burn if you do that.  After a few minutes check one to see how it's melting and turn if you need to.  I always have an extra one made to use as my tester. :)

I don't know about you, but I grew up with this next little goodie....the yummy banana boat!  I like to use ripe bananas, cut a slit in them almost all the way to the bottom peal.  And then fill them with raisins, chocolate candies, sprinkles, dried fruit, coconut,  peanut butter and chocolate chips and of course marshmallows! 
Then just like the cones you wrap in foil and carefully arrange around the outskirts of the fire with the slit upright.  These usually take anywhere between 8-10 minutes.  And so delicious, we have been known to top with a little whipped cream at the end! :) 

It's not always a chocolatey marshmallow ending to all of our campfire nights.  We also love fresh cut watermelon, frozen grapes and toasty cups of chi or hot cider.  We love making cobblers over the pit and small cakes and brownies in hallowed our orange and grapefruit peels.  What are some of your favorite sweet treats around the campfire?


K5 Learning ~ REVIEW


 Have you ever used a resource or curriculum that your kids actually asked you to do even when school time is already done?  No, yeah me neither until we found out about an Online Program from K5 Learning.  This Online Program we received a 6 months subscription and are able to access the K5 Reading, K5 Math and K5 Spelling for up to 4 students.  It's geared towards kiddos in both Public and Homeschool so summer time or after school is a perfect time to use this supplemental program to improve in Math, Reading and Spelling.  And for each family's convenience they offer subscriptions on a monthly and annually basis.  Not bad.....now let's dig in!!

MarshMedia ~ REVIEW

This next Review is a little different....It's normally geared for Public Schools to use.  But, they are opening it up to us homeschool families.  I was super interested to see what MarshMedia had to offer us.  They specialize in producing Health Education Programs designed for kids in grades K-8.  Their programs are used through out the United States and Canada as well as many other countries.  MarshMedia's signature products are their 6 different types of Puberty education series.  But, they offer everything from Nutrition to Head Lice.  I was able to use their Homeschool Special with Kaden the past few weeks.


The Book of Trees ~ REVIEW

 photo The Book of Trees Set_zps6ui7av7h.jpg

Some one is a Happy Mama over here.....that would be me!  This next Review had my head not up in a cloud, but up in the Trees!  I have yet to use a product from Memoria Press that I didn't absolutely love and this next product is no different then any of the others.  A few weeks before our trip to Yosemite Memoria Press sent us the main components to their The Book of Trees program.  Perfect timing, right?


First RV Trip of the Year

 Once again Camp Season is upon us and this year we are traveling in Style and Comfort.  Don't get me wrong.....for 17 years we tent camped and LOVED it, but my Lupus and Kaden's Autism works a lot better when we can have a little more consistency in atmosphere and temperature. :)  

We headed to Yosemite for our first official trip in 2017, but didn't make it to the National Park....but we did make it to the sign, but it just didn't happen.  We have learned to go with the flow and accept that plans change when you have kiddos, especially ones with Special Needs.  It's more important for us to have a positive experience then to tick off every thing on a to do list.
So, what did we do?  Well, we played games, played in the river, went on multiple walks, discovered hundreds of butterflies, ate more smores then I feel comfortable revealing, played basketball, putt-putt, explored, collected and laughed more then we have in a long long time!  

Our 1st night we had to set up quickly and decided we wanted to move closer to the lodge the next day.  Last year we didn't get but a few campfires due to all the fires, so we were excited to build a fire and enjoy the warmth and beautiful glow.  Kaden is 10 now and has been learning about fire safety and how to build and tend to a fire.  

It was funny, because we had the air-conditioner on because the sun was on us as we were setting up camp and putting things in the cabinets and pantry.  Our house is on a little slop so we can't open the slide to fill and organize it.  We have everything in bags and stored in the bunks and when we arrive we put everything in it's place.  We learned the hard way and opened the full wall slide last year at our house and then it wouldn't come back in.  :O  Anyway that first night we FROZE to death because we only brought sheets.  First camp trip of the year problems!!!! :)  We already stocked the RV with blankets for next time!!!!