Mattie Richardson's Horses in History Series ~ REVIEW

We just love reading and sometimes finding family friendly books that's also filled with exciting adventure is sometimes hard to find.  Lucky for us, we found Mattie Richardson's Horses in History Series from Author Mattie Richardson/Appaloosy Books.  One of the best things about her books we've realized is that you can learn a thing or two and not have to settle on a boring read.  Her books caught our hearts in the first chapter.  Let me share a little about each one of them.
Day and Night
Dusty's Trail
Golden Sunrise

Each story is set in early American history during various time periods.  We get to experience it through the eyes of the horses in each book.  This series is intended for ages 8-14, but even I was hooked from the beginning.  Kaden loves horses, so this was an easy series to get him to read.  He also liked that in the beginning of each book is a little section filled with new words you may see and their meanings.

The first book, Appaloosy takes you to the Nez Perce tribe.  Storm is the main horse that just wants to be free and wild.  We see him develop relationships along the way starting with the young White Feather.  As war breaks out, Storm is taken captive by white men and life is never the same.  Will he ever be free?  Hmmmm, I wont spoil it, but this was our most favorite book of the series so far. 

The next book we read was called, Golden Sunrise and we found ourselves in Texas around the early 1800s.  The main horse is named Cheyenne, a beautiful Golden Palomino. The history here was fresh in our minds because we recently took a trip to the Alamo when we went to Texas.  This story takes on through battles and many ups and downs, but in the end there is a promise of a new day.  

The third book we finished is Dusty's Trail and it's about an American Quarter horse.  Saddle up for an amazing Pony Express adventure.  This one had so much history and mail knowledge.  Kaden was shocked to learn some of the details that went into this form of communication.  The bravery and loyalty is front and center here, along with tons of action.

The last book we received we have not started yet, it's called Day and Night.  In this book we find ourselves in the middle of the Civil War with two horse brothers named Tucker and Shiloh.  This is the longest of the books and also has a awesome extra Enrichment Guide that offers hands on learning opportunities.  We received it in PDF form, but have yet to start this because I was looking to do it over the Christmas Holiday so we can still learn and have some school time, but less desk work.  The guide is divided into 8 sections that cover everything from reading comprehension questions, vocabulary, hands on activities, geography, horses in history, bios on historical figures and more. 
So, what did we think?  We enjoyed reading them and plan to keep them in our family library for years of enjoyment.  I think these would make excellent readers for anyone learning early American history or if they love horses.  Kaden's favorite part about the series is the point of view is from the horses.  I liked that too and I also think the Author did an amazing job showcasing each horse's personality.  

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Book Set: Appaloosy, Dusty's Trail, Golden Sunrise & Day and Night {Mattie Richardson/Appaloosy Books Reviews} 
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