Homeschool Flow

So school has been doing actually pretty awesome.... dare I say.  Are we doing everything I want to do?  Is Kaden begging for more and we are skipping hand in hand in some meadow?  No, not even close.  But, we are creating a routine....a routine people. 

Here is what we worked on this week:
Life Skills

Hygiene has been so hard for him because he is extremely sensitive to tastes, touch and basically anything to do with his head so brushing teeth and showers are like pulling teeth.  But, I have found a tooth paste that he actually can tolerate that is not filled with a bunch of crap.  Burt's Bees fluoride free fruit fusion.  We have tried so many it's insane.  And bath time we have it down to every other day after lunch.  Which is a game changer if we are out and about and we have to do it in the morning or heaven forbid the evenings.  He has set rules in his mind that he finds painful to break and the struggle is evident when he has to work through a change in plans.
Math we have been using an online program and Singapore Math.  Grammar is on Khan Academy right now ...he loves Khan for all subjects.  Life Skills we did some baking, went to the grocery store where he helped pick out items from a list.  He loves to compare prices on anything....I mean LOVES it!  So, it's like a playground in there for him.  As long as nobody makes eye contact with him or heaven forbid try and talk to him.  He will straight up ghost you right there in isle 5, dropping whatever was in his hands.  Yes, this has happened.  Also for life skills we worked on making a schedule.  I love getting his input and he loves sharing his opinion on things.
As for Reading, it's been hit or miss this week and that's weird.  He reads all the time, but because we have a new schedule in place I noticed for him to find comfort he reads and rereads his special books, books he has read 10,000 times.  I haven't pushed him to read anything different because obviously he needs these specific books and I can live with that.
So, that's the low down....I plan to do this every week because I want to track our progress better.  And I will be adding more academics to his plate every single week.

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