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We have been using a new to us online Math program from Smartick.  The Smartick program is an online subscription like no other I have seen before, by combining math with reading comprehension, logic, and reasoning.  The program adapts to your child's learning style and customizes your child's needs regardless based on their performance.  The program is geared toward children from ages 4-14 and takes only about 15 minutes per day.  Kaden received a 6 month free subscription and we have tried to use it consistently, but it's been a struggle do to a few of his limitations.  

With that said let me explain how we used it and what we did and did not like about it.  Basically after setting up our account he begin immediately.  Even though it was designed to work on tablets as well as computer Kaden used it mostly on my laptop, but we liked the option.   He first completed an assessment to evaluate his current skill level.  It seemed to be a pretty good mix of simple and challenging problems.  It did take a good while to complete, but once he was finished a program was created specifically for him that was at or close to the level he is currently at.

Throughout the program, Kaden was able earn little bonuses called ticks.  He received these for completing practice problems, increasing completion time of his work or by going back and fixing any problems he got wrong.  These ticks can be used for things to dress up their avatar and their little room.  Some kids I can see how this would be super fun, but for my sensory sensitive kid this was not something he was into at all. Mahala would have liked it maybe when she was younger.  But, he did enjoy some of the logic and reasoning games he had access to. 

For us this just wasn't a good fit, the problems were repetitive and Kaden became frustrated.  I understand you need to review and repeat concepts to insure mastery, but doing the same type of problem 6-7 times in a row was annoying to him and then he would get sloppy and type the wrong answers or take to long to finish because of a meltdown.  I think this caused such low scores, he was given problems with pattern placements and simple multiplication and he clearly is past that in math.  For him he just tested poorly I think and hey we all have bad days.  I would have liked being able to tweak the amount of problems he would get or to tweak what we think mastery is.  

If you don't have a sensory sensitive kid I think this would be great, especially younger kids that love to earn points, dress up their avatar and play fun games to strengthen their math skills.  At this time we will not continue using, but it was fun to try out another math program and I know it could work beautifully for other families.
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