Manhood Journey Father's Starter Kit ~ REVIEW


My Faith in the Lord has always been strong and unshakable.  And my Husband and I both grew up in church, his experience was much different.  And one of the many things we agree on is that it's never too early to share with your kids how important it is to look toward the Lord and not the world as you move through life.  I have always been that Mom who shares the woes of the world with the kids...not all the "details", but enough for them to be informed.  There is a difference between sheltering and shielding your kiddos....I have tried to perfect that balance.  That being said, I was thrilled to be able to Review a new Father Son Bible Study.... the Manhood Journey Father's Starter Kit from Manhood Journey and City On A Hill Studio.  I was excited to be able to have my two boys set some time aside to be able to walk through this program together.  But, with my oldest working and going to school full time, that just wasn't going to work for this review period sadly.  So, my Hubby figured he would start with Kaden who is 10 years old now and he was even able to connect with our Nephew who lives on the other side of the country to participate via Skype. 


Not So Little RV Adventure ~ Part 2

Long story short.... we were able to get the RV serviced the following Tuesday and that night we headed out!  So we were only behind by 4 days.  We decided to quickly throw everything back in the RV we had taken out and head on out.  Yes, it was late....like 10pm already, but we knew even if we could get a few hours between us and home would be better then waiting till the morning.  We were all just anxious and excited!!!!
Funny thing though we had never driven the RV at night.  So it was a little different...are the lights even on????  We felt kind of like packed sardines in a rattling can chugging down a dark road into Nevada.  Around 1 am or so we decided to pull over at a Cabela's for the night.  Besides the freeway traffic noise that we are not accustomed to sleeping with we all slept like babies. 

The next morning we headed out around 9 am... see we are not early risers at all!!!  And we headed straight to Salt Lake, UT.  I had plans to stay there over night and get a little sight seeing in, but because we were behind already we knew we were going to have to rush.  But, then we started to see what looked like snow on the ground.  What is this????  Salt....everywhere!  Lucky for us it captured Kaden's eye because since he had opened his eyes this morning he was asking over and over are we there yet?  Buddy, there is really no "there"....we are going to be gone for almost 9 weeks.  Yeah, that didn't really compute with him and 5 minutes later he would ask again. It only took a few days and an extensive run down and look through our loose itinerary for him to understand that there isn't really a "there".  But, today's "there" was going to be the salt flats and then an over night stay at the local Walmart!!


The Bonneville Salt Flats were on the other side of the highway, so we decided to pull over and explore at a look out area and hit the actual Bonneville Salt Flats on the way home.  We had a blast....it was so hot, it felt like our faces and backs were burning.  Not because of the temperature, but because the sun was blaring off of the white salt all around us.  Kaden enjoyed the sensory explosion hearing the salt crunch with every step and the texture all over his hands.  We had to keep a close eye on him, because he LOVES to rub things on his face that inevitably end up in his mouth.


Bessie's Pillow ~ REVIEW


This next Review is so hard to write....not because I didn't like it, I Loved it.  I Loved it so much I feel changed from reading it.  Thank goodness I'm not Reviewing a Science experiment or a Math game!  Today I have the privilege to share with you this amazing book I've been reading the past few weeks  from Strong Learning, Inc..  It's called Bessie's Pillow A Young Immigrant's Journey.  


Creating A Masterpiece ~ REVIEW

Have you ever had a vision of what you would like to create, but unsure of the materials needed or the correct technique?  What about wanting to teach your kiddos Art, but feel your not qualified?  I love all things involving Art.  The color, materials, the rhythm and flow of creating, but that doesn't mean what's swirling on in my head can be conveyed correctly to my kiddos.  Usually they look at me like you want me to do what with what???  Never fear.....I have discovered the Monthly Plan from Creating A Masterpiece and I'm going to share my Review with you today.


Spring has Sprung

Spring is here...it has sprung.  And I'm filled with anticipation of what the next 6 months or so will be filled with.  Planting, gardening, cleaning, organizing, cookouts, picnics, painting outside, camping, swimming late into the night, fires outside with dripping smores and icy beverages in huge glasses with funky straws.  I'm looking forward to movie nights out on the lawn, catching bugs in jars, shopping for antiques and the smell of fresh cut flowers, coconut oil with a pinch of citronella as I snap pictures all day, read books till my eyes are dry and my hands to weak to turn the pages.  Swoooooning!


Circle C Stepping Stones ~ REVIEW

We have books coming out of our ears these days... just like I like it.  There is nothing better than starting a new book series.  And lucky for us several weeks ago Kaden received two books to Review from Kregel Publications, Andi Saddles Up and Andi Under the Big Top.   Kaden is a monster reader, crushing chapter books in just a few short days.  But, when I told him about the series he wanted to read them....all of them.  I think it was mainly because there were horses involved and Mahala several months ago read a few of Susan K. Marlow's books from her Circle C Adventures Series (9-13) and the Milestones Series(11+).  She talked about them all the time and really loved them, so naturally Kaden wanted to read them too.  This new Series that we received was the two first books from, Circle C Stepping Stones (7-10).  It's a great middle ground between the older Adventure series and the younger Circle C Beginnings (6-9).


Home School Adventure Co. ~ REVIEW

Mahala has grown so much as a writer over the past year with the writing programs we have been using.  She even notices her improvement as we frequently go over her past writing projects.  She takes writing seriously because in her mind it's still a struggle and she constantly over thinks the process of writing.  I always encourage her to write daily, her thoughts, opinions, gratitude, dreams... anything to get her feelings down and out of her sweet head.  She attempts to do it when I remind her, but her writing is anything but freethinking, off the cuff, let your hair down kind of writing.  But, I'm happy to report that maybe Mom couldn't get her to relax, write and possibly have a little fun while doing it.  But, our next Review from Home School Adventure Co. sure did have the secret touch.  For the past several weeks Mahala has been using their Creative Freewriting Adventure program.  And we also had the chance to look at and try the Creative Freewriting Adventure Coloring Book Edition too.  The difference between these two is the Coloring Book edition includes a coloring project page after each assignment.  Nice, bold pictures that are perfect for the Kiddo that enjoys coloring or the Mom who wants something to do while her Kiddo writes.  Shhhh, did I just suggest that? :) 


It's Fri-yay!!!

What a gorgeous week we have had....after being shut in because of flooding and tons of rain here we are so enjoying the Sun!!!  I know I haven't finished my update about Kaden and his medicine....it's been crazy busy with schooling, reviews and just life.  But, there is an update coming....an amazing one.  I think part of me is afraid to share the good, because I'm afraid it will stop.  I know it wont, it's silly of me....but, life with Kaden is going good.  Better than good...better than it EVER has been.  I will share more this weekend. :)

This week we have babied our seedlings, soaked in as much sun as possible, cooked in the kitchen and made some delicious strawberry lemonade....Kaden's favorite!!!  We took two outings this week to a park and enjoyed our lunch with Dad.  The other three days we spent several hours outside.  We did our reading out there and worked on our nature journals.

Both Kaden and Mahala worked on a Ben Franklin Lap book, started a Proverbs Study and nature journaled together.  Mahala's biggest thing she is working on besides Math is Writing....all day every day!!!  This week she is collecting info on Ansel Adams.  She is doing a few writing programs right now and they are both digesting poetry every single day. Writing, Reading and Art....are my loves, my go to on a whim.  But, since I've been homeschooling I have fallen for History a little more each year.

Next week we will wrap up our Unit Study on Mr. Ben, continue on our American History journey and wrap up our rocks and gems work.  We have a few art projects coming up and I do see a pie baking and eating contest on the horizon.......


Eclectic Foundations ~ REVIEW

Okay so I may have not always been the kind of person to follow the rules and in Language Arts there are several to learn and follow.  That said you can probably guess that I piece together my Language Arts Curriculum for my Kiddos.  And you would be correct, except with Kaden.  With him I need something all in one, easy to use and as stress-free for him as possible.  Enter this NEW REVIEW.... Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level C from Eclectic Foundations.  Right off the bat I swoon over the fact that we are talking about one spiral bound Workbook for Kaden and one Teacher's Guide for me and that's it.  And it covers Spelling, Grammar, Composition, Handwriting, Memory Work, Phonics, Poetry, Reading and Comprehension.  Normally that's a lot of researching and a lot of books to tote around and that's overwhelming for a Kiddo with Special Needs.


Kwik Stix ~ REVIEW

Once again we have been given the opportunity to try another product from The Pencil Grip, Inc.  Kaden Loves their Kwik Stix and just in time for his Birthday the mailman delivered  their Thin Stix set.  It was funny because our last Review was with their Metalix and Neon Stix and Kaden said that a thinner version would be awesome to have for creating more detail.  Well....Surprise Surprise!!


By The Way Book Series ~ REVIEW

 photo Smoky Mountains_zpsrhglrwtt.png

My Family enjoyed nine weeks in an RV traveling cross country a few months ago.  It was an experience I know we will all treasure for years to come.  We made many memories and have plans already for the next trip...this one we would like to do for 9 months.  This next Review I have to share with all of you is something that will help keep some of those memories even more vivid for us.  I'm talking about the amazing By The Way Book Series which offers different products to allow parents to share the Beauty of God's creations with their children.  They offer trading cards, posters, activity books and more.  We were given the hardcover, fully colored Smoky Mountains ~ Here We Come! book.


Kaden's Adventures

We were out and about for a bit yesterday.  I am trying so desperately to get Kaden outside every single day.  For typical Kiddos I'm sure that's not an issue.  But, Kaden on the other hand would rather stay inside working on a project, play on the computer, read books or play with his legos.  Once I get him outside though he blooms and radiates this energy that I just love to see.

I try to change things up and offer different excursions and projects.  Some things I have picked up for us to use is a field microscope, nature guides, notebooks and this neat little art set within a carrying case.  He also has binoculars, a magnify glass and various bottles and enclosures for his findings. 

Yesterday we wanted to go see this little local pond in our area to look for ducks.  We found a few geese, a little water fall and some squishy mud half way up his shoe.  Oh, and I almost forgot about the thorn.....big thorn in the finger.  But, it was exciting...like an adventure.  I romance it to him to try and get him on-board with me...it's a process that we are working on.  My goal is by the Summer time he asks me to go out and explore....fingers crossed!!!