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My Family enjoyed nine weeks in an RV traveling cross country a few months ago.  It was an experience I know we will all treasure for years to come.  We made many memories and have plans already for the next trip...this one we would like to do for 9 months.  This next Review I have to share with all of you is something that will help keep some of those memories even more vivid for us.  I'm talking about the amazing By The Way Book Series which offers different products to allow parents to share the Beauty of God's creations with their children.  They offer trading cards, posters, activity books and more.  We were given the hardcover, fully colored Smoky Mountains ~ Here We Come! book.

This book totally made me go Crazy....in a good way!  I was not expecting it to be as beautiful and detailed as it was.  I was expecting it to be almost textbook like, but it was more like a scrapbook filled with real life pictures, cartoon illustrations to grab even the littlest reader's attention and more information then having your own personal Ranger walking beside you all day...... :)  Along with all the visual beauty we get to follow along as the characters in the story, Alex and Lexi get to spend 3 days with their favorite Uncle Ted.  And guess what?  He's a Forest Ranger, perfect!  As you read through the story you get to learn hymns and verses, meet new little animals, stop and "smell" some nature and see some of God's most beautiful places that he formed in his Glory.  All the while you get to do your own hunt for these animals and objects pictured above.  

Lexi and Alex's time with their Uncle took them to Cherokee country.  This portion of the book was extra special to me because I am part Cherokee and just about all of my Family come from right around that area.  When we visited it on our RV trip I felt a special connection while I was up in those mountains....I heard the leaves calling to me and I honestly could have never left that enchanting place.  Looking at the pages of this book stirred up those wonderful memories.  Kaden and I enjoyed taking turns reading all of the stories.  And later around the dinner table he would quiz Dad and the others about lightning speeds, the story of the Two Wolves, direction of a woodpeckers toes and the millions of facts he now knows about Ravens.  By the way, his new favorite bird is the Raven.  

I know I'm kind of all over the place, but it's just because I saw the value of this book and I'm excited to share it with all of you.  We are looking forward to adding more of the Series to our library soon, they have several new places coming out this year...I can't wait!  So, why do I Love this book so much?  Well, because the way that it shares a Biblical WorldView of Nature you can read it completely through or do what we did and do little Unit Studies.  

One little Unit Study we did was about Fireflies inspired by the section on them in the book.  On our trip we danced in the grass with them every evening they came out while we were in and near the Smokey Mountains.  It was interesting to put the experience we had along with Uncle Ted's conversation with Lexi and Alex.  It was easy to relate with the Characters in this book.  Another bonus was the Geo caching section....Kaden and Mahala both love to do this and it was awesome that they included it in the book.  You learn simple steps to get started, it's super easy...we have been doing it for years. :)  
We have also been inspired to go outside more to enjoy God's creations.  Everything looks more explore-able...insects, little sprouts and mushrooms, sticks and leaves are making it into our home in the form of crafts.  And I feel like it makes the world we live in seem a little closer, a little cozier and a little more filled with God.  I can't think of a reason not to share these books with your Kiddos, Friends and Family.  They would make excellent gifts to a Family moving to that particular area featured or if they are moving away from it too. 


Make sure you check out By The Way Book Series on Facebook.  And take a look at some of the other Titles in this Series that my friends on the Crew Reviewed.

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