Kwik Stix ~ REVIEW

Once again we have been given the opportunity to try another product from The Pencil Grip, Inc.  Kaden Loves their Kwik Stix and just in time for his Birthday the mailman delivered  their Thin Stix set.  It was funny because our last Review was with their Metalix and Neon Stix and Kaden said that a thinner version would be awesome to have for creating more detail.  Well....Surprise Surprise!!

These Kwik Stix are actually Solid Tempera Paint that dries in 90 seconds!!  Yes, you read correctly...honestly in my experience it dries even faster then that.  You can Create with this product on cardboard, wood, plastic, paper and more.  Kaden has done it all and every single time is Amazed! One of the many things we value in this product is that the twist tube comes with an easy to remove cap and allows for a nice sturdy hold for kiddos with poor motor skills.  Kaden has Autism and I can not tell you how many crayons and even paint brushes he has broken while creating art. :)  And one of my Favorite things about Kwik Stix is they allow us to get our Crafting on with just about No mess!  If you have Kiddos, especially one with delayed motor skills you know what I'm talking about.  I can let Kaden paint and no longer need to worry about spilled water cups, paint splatters or even paint on his clothes.  That alone makes this Special Needs Momma real Happy and I can focus on what matters most to me....HIM!!!

Since Kaden enjoys his Kwik Stix so much I decided since it was his Birthday and Valentine's Day I would use the New Thin Stix to make cards and decorate.  Mahala has never used the Kwik Stix before and the other day I was looking for the Metalix and couldn't find them.  Guess where they were????  If you guessed on her desk in her bedroom ....you would be correct! :)  She said she likes how bright the colors are even on dark paper.  And how they look wet and stay bright even when it dries....and it dries so quickly.

For Valentine's Day I went all out and created a Happy morning table for the Family to come down to.  I just took some white craft paper and covered the table.  Covered it with heart shaped doilies and pink construction paper hearts.  The centerpiece was some beautiful Hydrangeas my Hubby gifted me for the Special Day.  I had some festive paper plates and cups and the kids little goodie basket in front of their place at the table.  I scattered random kisses and chocolate pieces all over the table.  After they settled in and peeked through their goodies I brought out the Thin Stix and they had fun decorating the table with their own art!

Now Kaden is our expert and had fun creating a story with his New Thin Stix.  Just like the Kwik Stix, they are AP certified......for you and I that's a relief because Non-Toxic means our Kiddos can create without worry! :)  He drew blueberry bushes for me.  His new favorite bird, a crow that was eyeing a pig.  He made me a beautiful tree with flowers in in under a sunny sky.  The bottom shows a cave filled with emptiness he said....I asked what the red was.  He said cave paintings Mom! Oh yes, cave paintings...I totally see that now!  I love his creativity as much as he loves his Thin Stix!  

He wanted to make sure that our readers knew what each of the colors looked like.  He loves the texture of the paint and it's vividness.  So, he laid down his Art on my desk and carefully placed each Thin Stix that he used beside the portion of Art he created with it.  I thought that was super sweet and a neat idea!! 


So, where can you get a set of these Lovies?????  Head straight over to Amazon right now.  They are offered in assorted, neon and metalix colors in packs of 6, 12 and 24.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we have.  We have taken them on our cross country trip, on errands around town, to church and I have found them more then once tucked into his fanny pack on our nature walks.  

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