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My Faith in the Lord has always been strong and unshakable.  And my Husband and I both grew up in church, his experience was much different.  And one of the many things we agree on is that it's never too early to share with your kids how important it is to look toward the Lord and not the world as you move through life.  I have always been that Mom who shares the woes of the world with the kids...not all the "details", but enough for them to be informed.  There is a difference between sheltering and shielding your kiddos....I have tried to perfect that balance.  That being said, I was thrilled to be able to Review a new Father Son Bible Study.... the Manhood Journey Father's Starter Kit from Manhood Journey and City On A Hill Studio.  I was excited to be able to have my two boys set some time aside to be able to walk through this program together.  But, with my oldest working and going to school full time, that just wasn't going to work for this review period sadly.  So, my Hubby figured he would start with Kaden who is 10 years old now and he was even able to connect with our Nephew who lives on the other side of the country to participate via Skype. 

When the Kit came in I was thrilled to see the nice quality of the guides and we were also given a Bonus Book, Wise Guys -Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You by the co-founder of Manhood Journey, Kent Evans.  Only my Husband is reading it right now and he said it is very inspiring and he would like for our older son to read it after he finishes it.  The Kit included the Bonus Book, Group Guide, 1 on 1 Guide, DVD and several Maprocheres that goes over all the additional Modules in the program that is available.  The one we received is called Embarking.  The other modules available are called Clean Hearts, Working Well, Standing Strong, Manhood Myths and Leading Lessons.

So, what is the Manhood Journey all about?  Well, it's designed to be used with boys ages 8-17 and their Dads or Mentors.  It can be done either in a group setting or one on one.  Each of the 6 Modules should take about 6 weeks long to complete.  Like I said earlier my Husband planned to use it with Kaden and my Nephew Jacob.  But, after the very 1st session we decided it wasn't going to work for Kaden.  Even though he is 10 years old, he has Autism.  The topics discussed was over his head, even being asked to define Manhood was a struggle and he didn't want to talk anymore.  So, make sure you take this into consideration when looking at a program like this.  Think about your child's mental development and maturity level.  We will definitely bring this back out again in a year or two.  The information included is awesome.  And I know when the time is right it will be very impactful for Kaden and his Dad.

Since Kaden was out of the picture this go around my Husband still wanted to do it with our Nephew.  While the one on one activities or outings suggested will be difficult sine we are an 8 hour flight away from each other.  With the help of creative technology the both of them will be able to get through the module and hopefully enjoy a new level of relationship with each other and with the Lord.  
The six lessons in this Module are:
  • Preparing for the Journey
  • Setting Out on the Journey
  • Relying on the Compass
  • Seeking Guidance Along the Way
  • Encountering Others Along the Journey
  • We Have Embarked - Where to Next?
Each week's group lesson is packed with scripture reading, memorization, discussion and Homework. In the one on one the guys get to review the group session materials and offers great conversation starters and questions that spark thinking and applying what they are learning to their own life.  There is an important portion of Digging Deeper that gives the Dad or Mentor the chance to offer scripture that the child can look into during the week for further reading.  Each week offers new topics, but is consistent in how the information, guidance and encouragement is given.  I think it may be hard to get started in the beginning, but with enough prep time, prayer and commitment it is possible to use this program successfully with a group of guys or just your own at home.  My Hubby said that he's looking forward to the game coming up in week 5.... What would you do if questions?


I would definitely recommend this program to our church.  There needs to be something for that age group during Middle-school and before High-school.  I think it touches on a lot of the topics that our boys struggle with on a daily basis.  

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