Not So Little RV Adventure ~ Part 2

Long story short.... we were able to get the RV serviced the following Tuesday and that night we headed out!  So we were only behind by 4 days.  We decided to quickly throw everything back in the RV we had taken out and head on out.  Yes, it was late....like 10pm already, but we knew even if we could get a few hours between us and home would be better then waiting till the morning.  We were all just anxious and excited!!!!
Funny thing though we had never driven the RV at night.  So it was a little different...are the lights even on????  We felt kind of like packed sardines in a rattling can chugging down a dark road into Nevada.  Around 1 am or so we decided to pull over at a Cabela's for the night.  Besides the freeway traffic noise that we are not accustomed to sleeping with we all slept like babies. 

The next morning we headed out around 9 am... see we are not early risers at all!!!  And we headed straight to Salt Lake, UT.  I had plans to stay there over night and get a little sight seeing in, but because we were behind already we knew we were going to have to rush.  But, then we started to see what looked like snow on the ground.  What is this????  Salt....everywhere!  Lucky for us it captured Kaden's eye because since he had opened his eyes this morning he was asking over and over are we there yet?  Buddy, there is really no "there"....we are going to be gone for almost 9 weeks.  Yeah, that didn't really compute with him and 5 minutes later he would ask again. It only took a few days and an extensive run down and look through our loose itinerary for him to understand that there isn't really a "there".  But, today's "there" was going to be the salt flats and then an over night stay at the local Walmart!!


The Bonneville Salt Flats were on the other side of the highway, so we decided to pull over and explore at a look out area and hit the actual Bonneville Salt Flats on the way home.  We had a blast....it was so hot, it felt like our faces and backs were burning.  Not because of the temperature, but because the sun was blaring off of the white salt all around us.  Kaden enjoyed the sensory explosion hearing the salt crunch with every step and the texture all over his hands.  We had to keep a close eye on him, because he LOVES to rub things on his face that inevitably end up in his mouth.

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