It's Fri-yay!!!

What a gorgeous week we have had....after being shut in because of flooding and tons of rain here we are so enjoying the Sun!!!  I know I haven't finished my update about Kaden and his medicine....it's been crazy busy with schooling, reviews and just life.  But, there is an update coming....an amazing one.  I think part of me is afraid to share the good, because I'm afraid it will stop.  I know it wont, it's silly of me....but, life with Kaden is going good.  Better than good...better than it EVER has been.  I will share more this weekend. :)

This week we have babied our seedlings, soaked in as much sun as possible, cooked in the kitchen and made some delicious strawberry lemonade....Kaden's favorite!!!  We took two outings this week to a park and enjoyed our lunch with Dad.  The other three days we spent several hours outside.  We did our reading out there and worked on our nature journals.

Both Kaden and Mahala worked on a Ben Franklin Lap book, started a Proverbs Study and nature journaled together.  Mahala's biggest thing she is working on besides Math is Writing....all day every day!!!  This week she is collecting info on Ansel Adams.  She is doing a few writing programs right now and they are both digesting poetry every single day. Writing, Reading and Art....are my loves, my go to on a whim.  But, since I've been homeschooling I have fallen for History a little more each year.

Next week we will wrap up our Unit Study on Mr. Ben, continue on our American History journey and wrap up our rocks and gems work.  We have a few art projects coming up and I do see a pie baking and eating contest on the horizon.......

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