Brinkman Adventures Season 2 Review

I'm Over the Moon in Love with the Brinkman Family 
from The Brinkman Adventures
I was given the Opportunity to Review the Mp3 version of  
The Brinkman Adventures Season 2 Episodes 13-24 

Just a few weeks ago I had never heard of this wonderful Missionary Family.  Now, it's not uncommon to hear Kaden talk about them during dinner or have him wonder out loud what they might be up to at this very moment.  The Series is a Christian Audio Drama/Entertainment Adventure suitable for the whole Family to listen to and enjoy.  The Brinkmans are a Homeschooling Family with 8 Kiddos that are what I would call Real Modern Day Missionaries.  The Stories told are based on real life situations and will keep you on the edge of your seat.


April Bento

Hail to the Almighty Bento Box!!!!!  Today during Kaden's 2nd session of therapy he enjoyed his Lunch Bento Box.  His BT was AMAZZZZED at how easy it was to get Kaden to not only eat, but eat Everything.  I was very pleased too!

So, in the top portion I put a pressed PB & J Sandwich with a little heart cut out.  Of course I ate it....quality control expert here!!  :)  Several sliced up cucumbers, spinach leaves and a cut up strawberry.  He ate it all, even the cucumbers, no dip needed......
The bottom half I made some homemade granola bars the other day, so I put one in with some yummy almonds.  Kaden loves grapes, so I gave him a container of those and some yummy heart shaped cheese pieces.  He was so funny, he told the BT that I must have worked so HARD to cut out those tiny hearts.  Got to LOVE him!!!  And I sure do.....  :D
Later in the afternoon he begged me for some more cheese and his NEW favorite drink....Carrot Juice.  And like a nice Manic Bento Crazy Momma I did!

Be Happy....Make a Bento Box! ;D


Moving On Up!

I'm totally thrilled because I have been working on a Special Project that I know God has placed in my Heart!  It's a writing project that will totally put me out there and I'll be out of my comfy shell, but isn't that what we are all called to do.  I can't wait to get a little further along so I can share.  I'm gathering up key people now to help with this Huge Project.  Exciting, but painful things are going on here at the Manic House....remember us all in your Prayers!


Clean Math is Easier to See ~ CTC Math Review

I know I'm constantly trying different Math Programs in our Homeschool and sometimes the Kiddos don't know what to expect when they come to the table.  :)  Thanks to CTC Math I have been given access to their Comprehensive Online Math Tutorial Program for grades K through 12.  
There are over 1,300 Animated and Narrated math lessons, Interactive Exercises, Diagnostic Tests, Feedback to each Student, Detailed Reporting to the Parents, and Much more.   
In exchange for My Honest Review they have given me a 12 Month Family Plan.  This gives my Kiddos and I unlimited access to all available lessons in any of the grade levels offered.   I really scored big time and this program has been a huge blessing.

With Kaden being on the Spectrum he has a lot of Needs that need to be met when it comes to any Curriculum I put in front of him.  I have used other Math Online Programs, even a few Free ones.  But, they always seem to overwhelm him visually.  All the bright colors, noises and forest of extras are just too much for him to focus.  It doesn't help if a Program offers all the Bells and Whistles if it causes him to shut down or explodes into a meltdown. 

This program gave Kaden a comfortable, easy to read layout of what needed to be accomplished each day.  He's the kind of kiddo that wants to know what to do and then he wants to get down to business.  Each day he watches a short video and then answers his questions.  Everything is visually clean and organized and even the wording used is straightforward.  It's nice for him to see what he missed and the right answer right away.  And at the end of the questions a nice Kid Friendly Report shows his progress and areas that need improvement.    
*Kaden's Favorite Part is the Speed Skills Game.  If I said he played it a million times I honestly would not be over exaggerating!  :)  He was so motivated to beat his last high score.  He played with 2 hands, 1 hand, standing up and even squatting on his exercise ball.     To hear him laugh and watch him smile with each accomplishment made my heart fill with Thankfulness for CTC Math
*My Favorite Part is the Emails I receive with a full report on how he is doing.  And I get excited for each Certificate I get emailed to me that shows what he's accomplished.  I also love that Kaden can work Independently.  He knows exactly how to Log on and get started.  I have seen days where before I have finished making breakfast he is onto his 3rd video and set of questions.  He never just does one lesson.   
I would Recommend this to Any Family looking for an Online Math Program.  I Highly Recommend this Homeschool Math to Families with Kiddos on the Spectrum or that have and kind of Sensory issues, especially visually.  I will definitely be telling all of my friends about CTC Math
The price for the 12 Month Family Plan is quite reasonable – And as of Right now for a Limited time they’re currently offering a 60% discount for Homeschoolers, making it only $118.80 for a Year. Single student prices are also available, and they offer a free trial as well.

Click on the Banner Bellow and see what other Crew Members had to say.  Also You can connect with CTC Math on Facebook!
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The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions (Review)


I was given the Opportunity to Review a Great Study from Home School Adventure Co. once again.  This time we were able to Enjoy The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions.  The Christian Fable was written by George MacDonald and Stacy Farrell wrote the Literary Analysis Questions.  


Math Review Announcement


K5 Learning has an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5 students. 

I've been given a 6 week free trial to test and write a review of their program. If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their open invitation to write an online learning review of their program.

Check back soon for my Full Review of their Program!!


Murky Water Up Ahead!

I've been busy trying to get my life back together.  Between a HUGE Family Game Changer, the Kiddos, Homeschooling and my Health I have been treading water since December.  
Have you ever been in this situation before?  
In a place where the only thing that keeps you above the murky water bellow is a swift kick of your feet.  The water is so murky because you are treading in the unknown.  You can't see what's up ahead or right underneath you.  

When I'm treading water I hit the floor in prayer.  For me, every since I was a little girl I have cried out to Jesus zillions of times.  And zillions of times I have felt his arms Hold Me Up when I couldn't tread anymore.  I have heard the Clap of his hands as I Celebrated Victories and Good Times with him.  And when I was Lonely and Scared I could hear him Whisper in my ear if I listened closely enough.  And I've always been able to feel Sunshine on my face even in a darkened room when I'd Thank him for my Many Blessings and all the Miracles I've seen. 

Such an Amazing Friend I have found in Jesus!!!  What do You do when Life has You bobbing around in Murky Waters?


What Sparks Your Kiddo's Curiosity?

I don't know about you, but I have all these great Field Trip ideas in my head.  And that's exactly where they stay....in my head.  

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to visit an Orange Grove on a cold, rainy day and not even have to get out of your cozy slippers or leave your house?  That's what the Kiddos and I did a few weeks ago.  I can't wait to tell you about Curiosity Quest.  I was able to Review two different DVD Combo packs, Swimmers of the Sea and Produce 
Each Combo Pack offers 3 incredible episodes, each episode is approximately 30 minutes long and they Retail for $24.95.   
Every episode starts off with a Question sent in from a Kiddo out in TV Land. Your Kiddos can submit their topic ideas too online.  During the episode, Host Joel Greene explores different things that are all associated with the particular topic of choice. 


Struggles in the Night

Once again we tried having Homer sleep with Kaden.  Everything was all smiles until the lights went out.  Homer kept getting up, but I'm thinking it was because he was too hot under the covers.  An hour or so with Kaden and Homer all snuggled in without covers we started hearing a familiar scream.  It was the screaming that meant once again tonight was going to be a long night of keeping Kaden safe while he acted out during his Night Terrors.

I know I have written before about Kaden's thrashing about in his sleep.  This time was no different then the many others.  They are pretty predictable right now, but I fear what they will look like when he is a Teenager....Lord Help us!  Right now it looks like a Meltdown on steroids.  Kicking, punching almost like he is fighting an invisible person.  I worry about him breaking a bone, honestly it gets that bad!!!  It's scary with all the thrashing, screaming and hurtful things he says.  This can last 1-6 hours and then all of a sudden he comes back to us.  Like Magic!  Most of the time he asks for water and if he can please have his covers or the closet light off.  Afterwards he snuggles down in bed and sleeps till the morning like nothing happened.  The next morning all I get is a confused look on his face when I ask him about the night before.  Dad and I are like....What, you don't remember doing this and saying that?

Anyone have a Kiddo with the same Night Time Struggles?


What has Your Family's Attention?

Recently I was asked to Review the Captivated DVD from Media Talk 101The DVD explores the impact Television, Computers, Video Games and Social Media have on Adults, Kiddos & the Family Unit.  I was instantly pumped to watch this Documentary because my Family had recently been involved in a Media Overload.  I knew something had to be done, but needed some help getting the whole Family to hop on the "Less Media" train.