April Bento

Hail to the Almighty Bento Box!!!!!  Today during Kaden's 2nd session of therapy he enjoyed his Lunch Bento Box.  His BT was AMAZZZZED at how easy it was to get Kaden to not only eat, but eat Everything.  I was very pleased too!

So, in the top portion I put a pressed PB & J Sandwich with a little heart cut out.  Of course I ate it....quality control expert here!!  :)  Several sliced up cucumbers, spinach leaves and a cut up strawberry.  He ate it all, even the cucumbers, no dip needed......
The bottom half I made some homemade granola bars the other day, so I put one in with some yummy almonds.  Kaden loves grapes, so I gave him a container of those and some yummy heart shaped cheese pieces.  He was so funny, he told the BT that I must have worked so HARD to cut out those tiny hearts.  Got to LOVE him!!!  And I sure do.....  :D
Later in the afternoon he begged me for some more cheese and his NEW favorite drink....Carrot Juice.  And like a nice Manic Bento Crazy Momma I did!

Be Happy....Make a Bento Box! ;D

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