The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions (Review)


I was given the Opportunity to Review a Great Study from Home School Adventure Co. once again.  This time we were able to Enjoy The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions.  The Christian Fable was written by George MacDonald and Stacy Farrell wrote the Literary Analysis Questions.  

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2014TOSCREW/Home%20School%20Adventure/TWW_zps921977dc.pngBoth Girls and Boys will Benefit tremendously from using this Character Study.  The Study is Organized into 14 Chapters.  At the end of each Chapter you will find roughly 15-20 questions.  In the back You will conveniently find Vocabulary Words with Blank Spaces for your Kiddo to fill in.  I love that they give you the Chapter and Page you will find these words used.  

It's recommended as a family read aloud for ages 9-11, along side a parent for 12 year olds and independently for your highschoolers.  You just need to decide what's best for your kiddos as far as working independently and comprehension of the material.  I decided to read along side Mahala and she's 14.  I just wanted to be apart of her experience while going through the journal questions.  At the end of each chapter Stacy has added some real thought provoking questions.  Some of the questions, we even asked other Family members about during dinner time.  I was pleased that Mahala really took to heart what the Author was trying to get across in the story.  Honestly, reading with her and discussing the questions together has been some of the Best Times together these past few weeks.  We even brought it along camping last week.  :) 

I will admit the first chapter was a little too descriptive for Mahala to get into the story.  Even though she is 14, she had a hard time staying focused.  I was afraid I was losing her before we even got our feet wet.  But, we decided to give it to chapter 5 before we gave up and headed for the hills.  I'm Thrilled to report that by the end of chapter 2 Mahala gave me a huge grin with a sigh of relief.  She was Enthralled and Hanging onto Every Word.  She was able to understand the story within the story and I was pleased she recognized the Pleasing and not so Pleasing Character Traits that was woven throughout the story.  

I want all my Children to know that the world is filled with Ugliness of Selfishness, Pride, Arrogance and Conceit.  But, they can shine and put forth Compassion, Humility, Charity and Discipline.  I would definitely Recommend this for all Families who feel the same.  I will be using this again with Mahala in a few years and once Kaden is much older. 

The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions:
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