Murky Water Up Ahead!

I've been busy trying to get my life back together.  Between a HUGE Family Game Changer, the Kiddos, Homeschooling and my Health I have been treading water since December.  
Have you ever been in this situation before?  
In a place where the only thing that keeps you above the murky water bellow is a swift kick of your feet.  The water is so murky because you are treading in the unknown.  You can't see what's up ahead or right underneath you.  

When I'm treading water I hit the floor in prayer.  For me, every since I was a little girl I have cried out to Jesus zillions of times.  And zillions of times I have felt his arms Hold Me Up when I couldn't tread anymore.  I have heard the Clap of his hands as I Celebrated Victories and Good Times with him.  And when I was Lonely and Scared I could hear him Whisper in my ear if I listened closely enough.  And I've always been able to feel Sunshine on my face even in a darkened room when I'd Thank him for my Many Blessings and all the Miracles I've seen. 

Such an Amazing Friend I have found in Jesus!!!  What do You do when Life has You bobbing around in Murky Waters?

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