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Recently I was asked to Review the Captivated DVD from Media Talk 101The DVD explores the impact Television, Computers, Video Games and Social Media have on Adults, Kiddos & the Family Unit.  I was instantly pumped to watch this Documentary because my Family had recently been involved in a Media Overload.  I knew something had to be done, but needed some help getting the whole Family to hop on the "Less Media" train.  

This documentary is not saying that we should Eliminate all Media for good, but that we should use discernment as to what we are filling Our time with.  
Here is a quick link to watch the Trailer.
 You can purchase the Captivated DVD for $16.95  There is also a Group Study Guide Available and Special Pricing for Bulk Orders!
It is intended for Adult Viewers, but is Safe for all Ages.

We waited to watch the DVD when we had everyone at home.  The Kids were expecting it to be boring and a little in your face down your throat kind of thing.  But, we were all Pleased to see that it was very thought provoking and filled to the brim with information we could all relate to.  It shows how since the invention of the telegraph in 1844, technology’s explosion has caused us to have a Never Ending Need for more Media.  When you watch Captivated you will get to hear interviews with many Experts who Share the Negative Effects of Overexposure to Media.  
*Personal Relationships 
*The Family Unit 
*Kiddos suffer both Developmentally and Academically. 
Honestly in My Own Family I will ADMIT that almost all Three of these areas of My Life HAVE been Negatively Effected by Media in some way.
We are a Media Munching Family, I hate to admit it....but it's True.  We use it to Homeschool, Connect with Friends and Family and let's not forget the Video Games.  Kaden, who has Autism is devoted to his video game time.  I hate it, but we use it during therapy and as a tool for communication.   Believe it or not it's social interaction that he can handle.  

Media can be useful and offer many benefits, but what happens when it's not?  The Documentary also shows Interviews with people who have struggled with too much media, Television, Video Games, or Internet. You get to hear from them what it was like to be “Unplugged” from the media.  By Unplugging they were able to fill their time that had once been occupied by media with things that were truly fulfilling to them.  It brought them back to Reality.  If we are not in touch with True Reality then we are not really Living....we are just Existing in my Opinion.  I haven't been "Unplugged" for Years.  Boy, what I could do with all that Extra time!!!! 

I felt bad, because the other day I ran into a Good Friend of mine that I see every day on Facebook.  I hardly even recognized her because it had been maybe 8 years since I had seen her last and she only posts pictures of Recipes and her Kids.  I was embarrassed because we had not talked in years and even though I could tell you what her Family ate the night before for dinner I couldn't tell you much of anything else.  We both Kind of felt awkward without the little smiley faces and the Big thumbs up button.  A pure shame it was and I personally want to make a change.

As for my Family and I we learned a lot from watching this DVD.  I have realized that even though my Kiddos will never have their own TV in their rooms and they have limited screen time (that is no where near the amount the Average American Kiddo has), we still have room for Improvement.  Go check it out now, it's a DVD well worth watching with Your Family!   

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