Struggles in the Night

Once again we tried having Homer sleep with Kaden.  Everything was all smiles until the lights went out.  Homer kept getting up, but I'm thinking it was because he was too hot under the covers.  An hour or so with Kaden and Homer all snuggled in without covers we started hearing a familiar scream.  It was the screaming that meant once again tonight was going to be a long night of keeping Kaden safe while he acted out during his Night Terrors.

I know I have written before about Kaden's thrashing about in his sleep.  This time was no different then the many others.  They are pretty predictable right now, but I fear what they will look like when he is a Teenager....Lord Help us!  Right now it looks like a Meltdown on steroids.  Kicking, punching almost like he is fighting an invisible person.  I worry about him breaking a bone, honestly it gets that bad!!!  It's scary with all the thrashing, screaming and hurtful things he says.  This can last 1-6 hours and then all of a sudden he comes back to us.  Like Magic!  Most of the time he asks for water and if he can please have his covers or the closet light off.  Afterwards he snuggles down in bed and sleeps till the morning like nothing happened.  The next morning all I get is a confused look on his face when I ask him about the night before.  Dad and I are like....What, you don't remember doing this and saying that?

Anyone have a Kiddo with the same Night Time Struggles?

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  1. We've had night terrors, they are absolutely terrifying. I'm so so sorry you family is going through this. (((hugs)))