Memoria Press ~ REVIEW

 Reading good books is very important in our Homeschool.  We enjoy everything from the Classics, Biographies, History, British Lit and of course the more recent Fiction as well.  We have books that all 3 of the Kiddos have read from independently.  We also have several special books that we've gathered together and read around campfires, living room floors and tucked snug in bed.  Memoria Press gave our Family the entire 5th grade Literature Guide set.  The three titles were for the books The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Lassie Come-Home and Heidi.  It was like Christmas all over again when we got our box of goodies in the mail.


Amazing Changes Coming Soon!

We've been working on many New Projects over here....God's had us very Busy.  Can't wait to share them all with you....Each week you will get to see more and more of them. :)


Night Time Nourishment for My Soul

Some people have Morning routines and that’s great…I on the other hand can’t seem to remember my own name until at least 11am, therefore I have an Evening Routine.  Every single night I repair and nourish myself.  For me I need this...crave this time.  It calms me and prepares me for a new day. 

This is all new to me….before Discovering my Husband's addiction I was always running around like a crazy person trying to concoct this perfect home for my Husband to try and gain his attention.  Did it ever work?  What do you think?  Now I understand the love bank properly.  I have many banks…one for my Kids, my Amazing Husband, Myself and most importantly my Spiritual bank with My Lord and Savior.


What's Cooking.....

I have struggled with my weight my whole life.  But, it wasn't until my Lupus Diagnosis 14 years ago that the pounds really started to pack on.  I spent over 6 years on Chemotherapy to get my immune system suppressed enough to help me regain some sort of a life.  I've been off of it for almost 3 years now and have been doing a more Natural approach.  I use oils, meditation, prayer and diet to cope with my daily pain and alleviate my joint inflammation.  I also have seen the changes in Kaden when he sticks to our New Lifestyle changes as well.  For our food each week we stick to Low Carbs and High Protein and Non-starchy Veggies.  A lot of my Recipes are from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.  I've had people ask me about what we eat....so her is a Glimpse of Our week.


Cleaning Up Our Act

Last night was Bath Night....for Kaden.  We have finally got it up to 2-3 nights a week if we dangle the right book in front of him.  Every since he was a tiny baby he hated baths.  I think it's mainly about the possibility of getting water in his face or head that freaks him out.  The crazy thing is.....he Loves playing in the rain or sprinklers....even in the pool he's fine as long as it doesn't touch his face.  But, the shower is %100 out of the question unless I put the mister on and that basically means I get a shower too.  So, we try to stick with a bath with no bubbles, Epson salt only mixed with whatever essential oil the night needs. 


You Can Eat It...But Don't Touch!

The other day I made homemade Wonton Soup.  It was so amazingly good, Gordon Ramsey would have asked for 3rds.  I love cooking, it’s who I am, what I do to show my Love and Devotion.  I feed my family three times a day. We cook together sometimes, but I really enjoy working alone and then serving it up family style.  With that said....everyone knows if you touch the stove, fridge, pantry, or even a darn pot holder while I’m cooking I will rough you up!  Please do not come in the kitchen and bug me…..please.  My Hubby used to come in and randomly stir something or turn the temp down.  I’m like what are you doing.  Don’t mess with my area dude.  


Rainforest Journey from EdTechLens~ REVIEW

Kaden has been able to broaden his knowledge and horizons a little bit the past several weeks.  We have been using an online program called Rainforest Journey from EdTechLens.  They were kind enough to give Kaden a year long subscription to their 3rd grade program.  I can't wait to share my thoughts about it in this Review.


Demme Learning's Math-U-See Digital Packs ~ REVIEW

Math is the hardest subject for me to teach.  I went through all of Highschool without taking a single Math class.  I thought I had it made and had struck a gold mine.  In reality I was slighted and when college came around I was not prepared.  Teasing in Middle school and Elementary is what pushed me into the corner of Math shame and even though Mahala isn't teased here at home.  I see the same facial expressions and hear the same sentences of shame and frustration that I remember all too well.  For 3 years she has worked on Algebra, she is still stuck.  Program after program, she hits a wall, gets frustrated and then gives up.  And I feel helpless, because


Little Ol' Me......

Several years ago I had this Buddy of mine who found tons of quizzes and fun tid bits of fun facts online.  Like every day we would chat numerous times a day, email back and forth and spend a fair amount of afternoons sipping coffee and chit chatting.  Of course that all happened between diaper changes, toilet cleanings and mystery goulash makin'.  One day she brought over this quiz about your name and what it means.  It was real generic, but had a website that you could go to for a more "in depth" look into the mystical powers of your name!  HAHAHAHAHA  We took it and I was pretty amazed.  But, there was a lot that I just didn't believe.  It said a lot of things that I would hope I was, but I couldn't see it.  Flash forward 10 years and I see it, know it and Believe it!  It's funny what the years can do to you.  Not only add a few wrinkles, but add some wisdom too.


Grapevine Studies~ REVIEW

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/03-08%20Grapevine/Part%201%20New%20Testament%20Overview%20Birth%20of%20John%20to%20Jesus%20Ministry%20Level%203_zps76gjv5kq.jpg Last year we Reviewed a Bible Study that I personally loved, but for Kaden it was a little more challenging.  After the Review period something happened, I'll share more in a minute.  I'm thrilled to say that Kaden has had a 2nd opportunity to try this Bible Study out from Grapevine Studies.  We were given to Review the New Testament 1: Level 3 Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry.  This program by far is unique and creative with the use of Stick Figures drawn by your Kiddos to teach them about the Bible.  Like I've said before Kaden has read through the whole Bible twice at least and can have total conversations regarding Biblical events.  He's just turned 9 years


Here to Help Learning~ REVIEW


I asked Skylar the other day what are some things that he wished we would have done in our Homeschool to better prepare him for College.  He's half way through his 2nd year and doing great.....but he did come up with a few things that I should probably do with Mahala and Kaden.  The #1 thing was WRITING!!!  He said every class there is writing involved, "Mom my papers have papers due".  Essays here, project write-ups there and of course the daily note taking in every single class.  I didn't really "do" writing with Skylar, we did more verbal essays and projects.  So, what do you think we are doing over here in the Manic house????  You guessed "write" if you said Writing!!!! :)  I was thrilled to be able to Review an online writing program called Here to Help Learning.  Just in time too! 


The Green Blanket

The air has been much colder these past few days. Not only does the cold air mess with my lupus infested bones, but it plays with my mind too. I have a ton of bad memories that get jarred when cold weather hits.
One of the times that hurts was when it was just Skylar and I. I was a single Mom with that boy. A scared, single Mom all alone that did what she had to do.


Taco Salad Recipe and my Reason for Being Healthy

So, it's that time of year again....when everyone vows to loose weight and get healthier.  Counting calories and buying new workout wear.  Sweating like beasts and rubbing down aching joints the next day.  I've been there done that....now I'm looking for a lifestyle change, something I can continue while on vacation, sick, depressed, during softball season, on a picnic....I think you get the picture.  Many times one of these "life situations" would happen and my diet would fly out the window.  Over a year ago I started Trim Healthy Mama, lost 15 lbs and then went on a month long camping trip that ended with Disney.  I was only on the THM plan for about 2 weeks before we left and about a week into vacation I dropped THM and grabbed a handful of hot dogs to sooth the pain and guilt away.  


Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz ~ REVIEW

 photo Faith Builders Bible 2_zpsfnudirxj.jpgOut of our whole Family Kaden probably reads the Bible the most.  Every single day he pours over it and digs deeper and deeper into familiar stories, particular profits he admires and sorting out God's purpose and silver linings even in the worst battle.  He already has a Bible, but the fact that he reads it through out the day it can end up anywhere.  And then 2 hours later we have to send out a search party to try and find it.  So, when we were given the chance to Review the Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz I thought it was an answer straight from God himself.