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 photo Faith Builders Bible 2_zpsfnudirxj.jpgOut of our whole Family Kaden probably reads the Bible the most.  Every single day he pours over it and digs deeper and deeper into familiar stories, particular profits he admires and sorting out God's purpose and silver linings even in the worst battle.  He already has a Bible, but the fact that he reads it through out the day it can end up anywhere.  And then 2 hours later we have to send out a search party to try and find it.  So, when we were given the chance to Review the Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz I thought it was an answer straight from God himself. 
Now he can have one upstairs and one downstairs.  Oh....did I mention that it's Lego themed?  Kaden loves Legos, so when he saw this Bible he was beyond excited to dive into it.  The Faith Builders Bible is only available in the (NIrV) New International Reader’s Version and is geared for Kiddos 6-9. ($24.99)

Before I explain how we used it and what we thought about it....let me give you a few more details about the Bible.  First, it is a Full Bible the comes with 24 durable pages of pictures with building ideas of different stories from the Bible.  Under the pictures there is a brief retelling of the story and a Building Block Verse to go with it.  As soon as Kaden took it he glanced through the whole Bible to look at the Lego pictures.  One of his favorites actually is in the very beginning.... where all the books in the Bible are divided by Testaments, layered in order and organized in categories.  Law, History, Poetry, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets, Gospels, Church History, Letters and Prophecy. 

I found him a few times with his other Bible "verifying" if each block was correct.  Yes, I just said that.....he was unsure of the different version already.  After reading one random verse he asked me what was wrong with this Bible.  You have to remember for him change is difficult and he questions everything that changes even the slightest when it comes to his Family, his Stuff and his Books....now we can add Bible.  Not a bad thing, but maybe most kiddos his age wouldn't have a reaction to a new version like he did.  Another extra that this Bible offers besides a Dictionary in the back is a list of the Great Bible Stories.  This tickled Kaden to death....he said that it was mighty helpful to have the Best stories from the Bible written down in order.  He has highlighted his favorites already......out of 92 there were only 7 not highlighted. :)

Okay, let's go over a few of the things I liked and didn't like about the Faith Builders Bible.  I liked that the Bible was a perfect size for smaller hands and that the cover was super durable.  But, I wished that all the pages were durable, bot just the 24 Lego pages.  I liked the font and it's spacing and size and the layout of the Bible.  Obviously I knew Kaden would Love it because it was Lego themed.  But, he was a bit disappointed that there were not more Lego illustrations.  I personally thought that it would have been nice to offer instructions either in the Bible towards the back.  Or offer a side booklet with instructions or online somewhere.  I say this, because Kaden is not a Master Builder....he is a Master Follow the Directions Builder.  I asked him to build something from a favorite story from the Bible the other day.  He came back with a naked Lego man and a palm tree leaf piece and said to me to imagine that this is covering his unmentionables.  Look you get Adam after he and Eve were deceived by Satan.  Yeah, it never got any better.....he gave me a detailed play by play of the resurrection along with his Lego Masterpiece that consisted of 4 Lego pieces, a glob of old play-dough and a tooth pick.  But, you give that boy a 1,000 Legos and an instruction manual you better look out Frank Lloyd Wright!  Other then those few things I think it's a great Bible for Elementary aged Kiddos.  Oh wait....I almost forgot another feature that I LOVED was that the Bible laid out flat.  Kaden loves having his hands free to fidget.  In regular Bibles he can't do that or it will close shut....well, except our HUGE Family Bible.

Would I have bought this Bible on my own or ever purchase another one.  For the Price I would for another child that was young and into Legos.  For Kaden, I probably wouldn't have because he likes using my Bible to get all the notes and extras about what he is reading.  Is that typical for a 9 year old?  I don't know, but as an avid Bible reader this Bible didn't give him enough of a Lego experience to put down his generic study Bible to use it Full time.  But, as a gift for someone I could see myself maybe getting one for them.

To find out more about the Faith Builders Bible or Zonderkidz check them out online!
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Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

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