Hamsters can eat Hamsters

A few years ago we had a second hamster die in our family. Let me correct myself....It was a "Hamster Homicide"!  I think most kids go through that Hamster phase, thank goodness Kaden has not.  Mahala ended up having 3 and then it was just too much on her when they died.  
That day she went to go feed the hamsters and all of a sudden we heard her screaming like "Freddy" was in the room with her. 


Routine Then & Now

This was my Routine back when Kaden was almost 2yrs old.....Funny to look back and see the differences.  I put the differences in Bold Print!!!


Grilling Lanes

We went Bowling the other day and had so much fun.  It's amazing how slipping on a pair of Ugly shoes that hundreds of people have warn before can be son darn Fun!!  :)  But, it is and I can't wait till we go again.


Sparks & Fire!!!

Sparks were flying over the 4th of July Holiday.  We had a Lazzzy 4th this year.  I usually have tons of things planned like food, crafts and games.  Not this year......We didn't even get our fireworks until 6 pm on the 4th.  Talk about last minute!!  HAHAHAHAHA  

Since we are Gluten Free now, food options have changed slightly. :)  Instead of the huge feast that I normally prepare.  We had a more simple menu.....Steak, Grilled Veggies and a wonderful Salad.  

We spent most of the day shopping and watching old movies.  And when the sun started going down Kaden eagerly brought out the loot we had just purchased.  

Usually Skylar is the one that lights all the fireworks.  But, after years of begging Dad let Mahala light a few this year.  I don't know why she wants to mess with all that, actually I do.  She is such a daredevil.  Not afraid of anything and most of the time she surprises me with her "ideas" of fun.  Examples....let's build a robot out of an old cooler.  What about the time she wanted to make a hot air balloon with a bucket, some tarp and kitchen torch.  Yes, this is what I live with on a daily basis.  HAHAHAHAHAHA


Mission to Mars

We had a blast last week, Kaden, Skylar and I went on a mission to Mars.  Mahala had to practice for softball and there is an area out by the ball field that has reddish colored dirt.  And since he gets so board and no matter how hard we try to entertain him he always runs out onto the field and I just know he is going to get popped in the head with a ball.  :)
So we decided to go on a little adventure to gather rocks and to examine the land.  He said it was an expedition, I call it almost 2 hours in the sun with very little water.  But, what can I say, it was fun and anything I can do to put a smile on his face makes me happy.

It started out slow, he was a bit overwhelmed with the wind, so he kept spinning and flapping his arms around.  Most of the time I just let him go, I know he needs this to feel centered and calm.  But, that day I did say a few hundred times to be careful. :)

On our little exploration we talked about Mars and the similarities and differences between Mars, Mercury and Earth.  He loves to debate, so no matter what I shared he had something to say about it or correct.  Just another conversation with my sweet Kaden.  :)  I love how his mind works.  He is filled with so much information that sometimes he can't even express it without getting frustrated just searching for the right way to word it perfectly as it is in his own mind. And then on the other hand he is still so innocent and childish.

By the time we made it back to the car Skylar & I had our hands full.   Kaden had full pockets and a shirt full.  Afterwards he ran to catch up with Dad and Mahala to throw a few balls.  He wants to be a pitcher.  I think one day he just might, but today he's my little Rock collector/Explorer!!!


Check Your Newlywed Feeling at the Door!

So, it's funny....I love my Husband.  I do, it's just he has been home a-l-l-l-l-l week.  It seems like 3 weeks, but it's only been 3 days.  I feel awful even writing it down.  But, he drives me nutso....not in a bad way like I want to bite your face off.  Just like, oh there you are again right in front of me asking for food and questions like where are the washcloths?  Are you kidding me?????  :O

Color Me Happy!

Starry-NightI'm planning for next year's schooling Extravaganza and I'm trying to be organized.....TRYING!  HAHAHA  I have wanted to add a true Art Program and add Theory of Classical Music for the longest time.   Being the Artsy/Crafty person that I am, I love all things Right Brained!  :0)  I have not been happy with some of my past attempts to buy Art Curriculum.  I thought it was too kiddie or way too much information that it seemed to be torture for the kids to even get half way through the lesson.  And then like Angels descended from Heaven I found Erica Johns with Classical Composers!!!  I know it's crazzzzy, but it did kind of happen like that...in my head, the Right Side! ;)