Sparks & Fire!!!

Sparks were flying over the 4th of July Holiday.  We had a Lazzzy 4th this year.  I usually have tons of things planned like food, crafts and games.  Not this year......We didn't even get our fireworks until 6 pm on the 4th.  Talk about last minute!!  HAHAHAHAHA  

Since we are Gluten Free now, food options have changed slightly. :)  Instead of the huge feast that I normally prepare.  We had a more simple menu.....Steak, Grilled Veggies and a wonderful Salad.  

We spent most of the day shopping and watching old movies.  And when the sun started going down Kaden eagerly brought out the loot we had just purchased.  

Usually Skylar is the one that lights all the fireworks.  But, after years of begging Dad let Mahala light a few this year.  I don't know why she wants to mess with all that, actually I do.  She is such a daredevil.  Not afraid of anything and most of the time she surprises me with her "ideas" of fun.  Examples....let's build a robot out of an old cooler.  What about the time she wanted to make a hot air balloon with a bucket, some tarp and kitchen torch.  Yes, this is what I live with on a daily basis.  HAHAHAHAHAHA

Kaden, started out fine with the noise, he didn't like the small or smoke.  He was more into the poppers and organizing the fireworks and empty boxes.  Finally when he just couldn't take it anymore he went inside.  He said it was boring and their wasn't anything to do.  So, I figured this year he had reached his limit....next year maybe he'll be a little more interested.  

I just love spending time together as a Family.  I realize that as the Kiddos grow up they will leave to have Families of their own.   What I do with them now will be apart of their memories forever and they will pass it along to their Kiddos.  Oh my, I can only imagine what Mahala's Kiddos are going to want to do on the 4th.  Probably homemade fireworks.....I definitely wont be apart of that!  :)  

Hope you all had an Amazing 4th of July!!

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