Routine Then & Now

This was my Routine back when Kaden was almost 2yrs old.....Funny to look back and see the differences.  I put the differences in Bold Print!!!

7am Kaden wakes us up with Diaper in hand. Not a clean, unused diaper. We're talking 9 hours of pee people.  Sleeping

7:30am Kaden plays with Daddy while I try & I wake from the dead. I hate mornings!!  Still SLEEPING!!!!

8am Kaden & I go wake up the other two chickens. If I have to be awake then they can too. HA HA! Mahala is hard to wake up. I put Kaden on her bed & he sits on her head until she screams & rolls over on her side. Ok, one down one to go. Before we even make it to Skylar's room he is walking down the hall. I know, I know he says all muffled with this manly voice. Who is this boy, I swear just yesterday he was wearing Barney underwear!  A little Embarrassed now......Still Sleeping.  I did say that I hate mornings. :)

8:30am Breakfast & Pills!!!! I have to take my meds with food. I love cereal or eggs & a bagel. Kaden has either waffles or cereal & sometimes oatmeal. His fav breakfast is eggs. Lord that baby can put away the eggs! Mahala is not nice in the morning. She doesn't want to make eye contact most mornings. She wants to get in & out with no getting hurt. Skylar is afraid there wont be enough food the rest of the day. So, he packs it in. I swear he wants to eat like this is the day all food disappears.  I'm Up!!!  YAY!!! Now I answer Kaden's 101 Questions that somehow he accumulates in his head all night and just has to get it all out the very 1st breath he takes while coherent.  Now, that does not mean I'm 100% coherent, but what he doesn't know wont hurt him.  Once I stumble down the hallway with Kaden still nipping at my heals I drag Mahala out of the bed.  Have You ever woken a bear after hibernation season?  Don't!!  Skylar sleeps in longer unless he has to work.  He has RA and possibly Lupus too, so I let him gradually wake up.  I'm soooo nice! :)

9:15am Clean up, teeth gets brushed, kitchen swabbed. Kaden goes & has playtime. Reading, games & toys. When Anna is here she does this while I work on my business & check emails. I get between 70 & 125 emails a day.  So, this is when we stuff our little faces with basically the same breakfast as we did back 5 years ago.  During the week, cereal, oatmeal and fruit.  Weekends I make a huge breakfast both days. After we eat on average we do our chores for the day and get ready for the day.  Swap night PJs for day PJs.  HAHAHAHAHA  And yes I still take pills, but a few less.

9:45am Older kids have free time to do whatever.  Still doing Chores and getting ready for school...even during the Summer.

10:45am Kaden colors pictures while Mahala & Skylar do our family Bible study. Kaden entertains himself real well.  School work is the next Big chunk of our day.  Skylar graduated this year.  So, it's just Mahala & Kaden and we tend to focus on Kaden's school 1st.  Mahala helps with Science and we tend to all do History together.  Kaden likes to do random projects and his thoughts on school is to just give me what I need to do and I'll do it.  He's not one to mess around at all.

11:30- 1:30pm We make & have lunch around this time frame. Sometimes we go to the park or out to eat. But, usually it's just at home. Oh, and I take more pills!  I start lunch unless I'm busy with Kaden, then Mahala fixes it....she is a blessing.  No pills!

1:30pm Outside animals, let's go!!!! We go out & they have time outside for soccer, the trampoline, a walk or whatever. Anna takes the kids on a walk every day. For at least an hour a lot of the times it's longer. If they don't do the walk now it's later in the day. This is also when we would go swim, zoo, library, par, blah, blah, blah.  Now in the afternoon Kaden has ABA therapy.  Autism gives us lot's of extra meetings, groups, appointments and such.  (30+ hours a week)So, if we do any kind of outing it has to be scheduled in advance or in the morning.  You know how I feel about mornings.  :p  Now I check emails, facebook and yes I still get a million emails.  Now I have a laptop, so checking on these things in the morning is also a possibility unless it's a mad house.  This is Mahala's time to do her school work.  We work together & she works independently.

3pm Kaden takes a nap hopefully. And I try to do a project with the kids. The other day Mahala & I made bead jewelry. Baking, crafts or watch a movie together. If I need to run an errand I usually do it around this time. Anna always has Kaden during this time. Mahala is still doing school and Kaden is still in therapy.  But, we do sooooo many projects and crafts through out the week together still.

4:30pm TV time for Kaden or outside in the sandbox or pool. Older kids get computer, video games or out with Kaden.  Kaden still has therapy and Mahala is usually done around now and has free time.

5:30-6:30pm Dinner!! I love me some food. We eat all kinds of food. Asian, Italian, Southern, Arab, Mexican, Indian, we love to cook!  Making dinner for me is most of the time relaxing, unless I'm missing huge items and I need to come up with something totally different or if the day has been filled with meltdowns.

6:30-8pm Family time together. We play tons of games. We are a game playing family, but we enjoy renting movies & having popcorn too.  Now we have sports and Dad has more commitments at work.  So, we eat do what needs to be done and usually veg out together or the kids break off and play together or watch a movie.

8-9pm Baths for all the kids.  Kaden hates water and thinks it hurts move then lava, so we do not do the bath thing every night, but with goggles, visor and lots of begging I can wrestle him in there at least 2-3 times a week.

8:30-9pm Kaden goes to bed  Can you hear me laughing?  If not....I'm laughing loudly!!!!  We at least start the night time process. :) I will have to share the process one day with all of you.

9pm Mahala goes to bed  Last minute things getting done, finishing family time or whatever we each have going on.

9:30-10pm Skylar goes to Bed  Mahala calls it a night.

10-???? Me time & that sometimes includes Thanh. SOMETIMES! This is when I watch all my shows, read, blah, blah, blah. And I almost forgot meds once more before bed. Yipeeee!  Kaden has usually went to sleep around this time.  And honestly by then I am exhausted and I hang with the Hubby....we are reality show junkies.  I'm not proud of it, but they make us feel better!!!  HAHAHAHAHA  Oh, and I still take my meds.....Lupus still stinks!!!! :)

So, what is your day like?

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