Check Your Newlywed Feeling at the Door!

So, it's funny....I love my Husband.  I do, it's just he has been home a-l-l-l-l-l week.  It seems like 3 weeks, but it's only been 3 days.  I feel awful even writing it down.  But, he drives me nutso....not in a bad way like I want to bite your face off.  Just like, oh there you are again right in front of me asking for food and questions like where are the washcloths?  Are you kidding me?????  :O

As he was following me around from family room to living room I started thinking about our relationship. 

Normally, I see him for about an hour in the morning and about 2-3 hours in the evening. And that's it!  On the weekend I see him off and on, because he is stuck to a computer screen playing video games. :P  And I miss him, like all the time during the week and on the weekend I miss doing the things we used to do.  But, over the years adding a kid here and there has truly pushed us apart as a whole couple.  Sure, we are amazing Family wise, but one on one together as a couple we have lost "us".  It's hard with Kaden being on the Spectrum....I mean he still sleeps with us.  For 6 years he has slept between Hubby and I.  I know every couple at some point loses that "newlywed" go to sleep with your makeup on and never let the other see you use the bathroom thing.  I'm not crazzzzy, but I do miss the "newlywed" connection mentally.  I hate the Autopilot daily life thing.....it's nobodies fault, it's just hard when your life is crazy busy and the to do list NEVER goes away or gets accomplished on a daily basis.  Luckily I have a Husband that sees what I'm talking about and has a desire to work on it.

Anyway, so we sat down and talked today, it was a great conversation.  We talked about things we used to do and things we wished we could do.  And then we wrote out a list of Day Dates.  I'm so excited to reconnect as people, not just as parents.  I think for him he works so hard and comes home and feels out of place because I'm like the commander of our battleship.  Working hard all day making sure we don't sink.  And this week he has seen me "man the ship"...making 3 meals a day, cleaning, schooling, therapy with Kaden and taking care of the extras like our picnic and playground trip we took yesterday.  I can see how he may feel lost in the shuffle, heck most days I feel lost!!! HAHAHAHAHA

I think it's so important for all Parents, but especially Parents of Kiddos with Special needs.  Special needs can Zap a Family, siblings included.  But, with properly scheduled breaks, dates, and Me time it can work.  For Our Family there is No other Alternative but to Work!  And I'm very Thankful for that!!!!

What do You do when Life tries to Smoother You???

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