Pop Corn

Pop Corn, Pop Corn!!! Who wants some of my Pop Corn!!!! Okay you will never hear Kaden ask if you want some of his Pop corn because the boy Loves his pop corn and can eat a whole bag all by his little self. So, as for sharing this 2 year old hasn't mastered that skill yet.

The other day it was raining....still. So we watched movies and of course with movies you have to have POP CORN!


My Two Sons

My sweet baby boy left me last Friday. He did, I was surprised, but I had my suspicions about him for a few weeks now. He had been acting a little strange lately. The whole family is surprised by it all, we aren't sure what to do at this point. He left a trail of dirty diapers down the hall from our room which lead us to this freakin' monster baby. Crazy child, one with scary eyes they say in the old country. We never know what to expect from him day to day. Lord, be with us as we all travel the beaten path of "The Terrible Twoooooooooooooooooooos"
Yes, Kaden has changed. Today he had a tantrum that I KNOW my other two child people never exhibited. I was scared for my own life. Hell, where 's Chucky when you need him. Kaden was like Chucky's side kick or something. I'm going to have to get some Holly Water or garlic or something, because the baby has gone made. And you know what???? I'm not givin' in! I control this house baby!!! So, I cried inside & screamed at the same time this morning when he started head banging the wall. Thanh wanted me to pick him up and hand him over for Daddy. But, I told him no, that I wasn't going to give him attention for that kind of behavior. Every so often he would cut an eye over to me to make sure I was still there. Lord knows he wouldn't want to preform without an audience. I told Thanh that I had Kaden's number and if he would chill out I would pick up the phone amd dial it. That last sentence sounds so much better when you can see me shake my head with my hand on my hip- I promise, just visualize.
So, anyway finally he stopped acting all crazy and was just crying with the hiccups. And I called over to him and asked him if he would like to come over to Mommy and I'll hold him now. He stopped crying immediately amd I went over ans explained why I didn't get him earlier. Ten minutes later he was sound asleep being laid down for a nap. So, I know it was all because he was tired, but goodness, couldn't he had just grabbed a blanket and kick back in the Lazy boy instead of a 45 minute rendition of the Hulk Vs Tiny Tim. Ok maybe I was more like Mr.T but dang, it could have saved time, tears and his skull. HA HA
Tomorrow Skylar gets his tonsils and adenoids clipped. Yep, I can't wait, that boy always has a sore throat. He is going to feel much better and the world will be grand once again in his little peepers. We leave early, which I'm not so thrilled. But I will give a full update when we get back. Say a prayer for him please, he is a little scared. Any kind of surgery is a big deal in a child mind. I told him to look forward to all the ice cream & shakes that he wants for the first few days. That put a smile on his face.
Well, I'm off to start dinner. We are having a good bye tonsils & adenoids party. You had to be 'A Part of the Family" to be invited. Do you get it? A "Part". Once again it sounds better when you hear my voice.


Rain, Rain Go Away!!

It's such a gloomy day today. Rain Rain go Away. Come again when I don't have anywhere to go and there is a Lost marathon on TV. Or any other show that I like. Even a Bridget Jones Movie marathon. Hell anything on TV that's worth my attention. But, nooooooooooooooo! Today is full, full, full. And unfortunately 80% of it is away from the house. Which is why this post is going to be FAST!!!
I wanted to share some pics that was taken just a few beautiful days ago. A nice, sunny day of painting with the two younger children. I love moments like this.
Kaden is so into his masterpiece!

Concentrate, concentrate!


Eat my Elmo!

It was Kaden's Birthday Party last Friday. He loves Elmo so much. He walked around saying, "I eat my Elmo". Yes honey, you eat your Elmo. HA HA Kids, cute right? Well, sometimes when the moods right & PMS is not around the corner.

The night before everyone helped me blow up 50 balloons. Kaden loves anything with balloons. Everywhere we go he asks for one. Even when they have none to give, he still asks. At least he's consistent.
So, we covered the downstairs play room with them and filled his Zebra tent to the top. When he walked down the stair he saw the glow from the balloons and started screaming. BALLOONS!!!!!
It was a Kodak moment!

This is the face I saw all day long. Kate Gosselin would have died if she would have brought her happy bunch to our little shin dig. Because I dressed him in Red because I new Elmo's frosty fur was going to be all over him that day. And you know what? I didn't care! I mean how many times in our lives can we just chow down with not a care in the world at whose looking? Very few people, so eat I say, eat like no one cares!! And he did, and again and again and again. He ate 4 cupcakes that day. Elmo was a cupcake cake. And by the end of the day he was gone, thanks to everyone else that ate like nobody was watching. HA HA He was a mess and his cheeks were stained pink for two days afterwards.

He opened all of his gifts with precision. Hell, as a child I just ripped into. But, not this little boy. He just took his time and enjoyed every moment.
After everyone left I figured he needed to burn a little Elmo off. That or howl at the moon all night. So, we went outside to play a little soccer. Mark my word right now when I say that one day he will be a Pro Soccer player. He has been kicking around a ball since he was 11 months old. What a story he will have when he's famous.


Note from Kaden

Hey Everyone!!! Mom is working on some real cool Blog things. She says that her Blog is going to have some color soon. Keep your fingers crossed. See Ya- Kaden


What's the point

Warning! Short post ahead! Day 2 back on meds. My cold is almost gone, but I was more tired today then I have been. It's very interesting to see the difference even 3 doses make. I was reading the side effects & they were crazy.
Will cause upset stomach, blurred vision, sores, head aches, bones pain, vomiting, swelling, weight gain, extreme fatigue, weakness, loss of memory, blah, blah, blah. And that's not mentioning the serious side effects. I mean why the hell am I taking them for, right?
Whatever, I just keep praying & look forward. That's all you can do in this kind of situation. You can chose to lay down & let it eat you up or stand tall & kick ass until the end. I like kicking ass, it feels good!!!!!
Speaking of that, the book is coming along. I'm at a point now where I have never shared with anyone. Life changing stuff that I'm sure will shock anyone reading. This process is not only good for me, but as I write I think about the person in the future who will read it someday.
Well, I'm off to bed, got a big day tomorrow!


Journey called Life

I heard from my Dr. yesterday evening. And she squashed my dreams of laying off some meds for awhile. Poo Poo on her I guess. She told me that I hadn't been off of them long enough to start feeling the pain that would arrive if I didn't get back on them quickly. But, I swear I almost feel normal today. I made breakfast & cleaned with no pain. Just a tad tired, but nothing too bad. After we worshiped the Lord I wrote out & organized a whole weeks worth of school for both of the kids. When I say organize I mean worksheets, labs, projects, daily assignments, assessments, attendance & free time crafts assembled for when they get done early. Can you believe that??????? Most days I plan the day of & I'm usually in bed or laid up on the couch. Tell me there isn't something to this & I'll laugh in your face! :-)
After the school stuff I did Mary Kay stuff, made lunch, clipped coupons, started laundry, cleaned my purse, played play dough & puzzles with Kaden & still had energy to hang out with & friend over dinner. After dinner I bathed Kaden & played with him before we watched a movie with the kids. Now it's 8:45pm & I have some soreness & I am more tired. But, Most normal days I wake up more tired then I am right now.
So, she wants me to have my pharmacist fax the request to her personal fax & she is going to call with an appointment for this week. I really don't want to be a in a slush of pills for the rest of my life. But, I'm worried to not listen to her, because the fear of the pain & danger is so scary. Doctors definitely have a hold on you when there is an unknown. We don't know a lot about autoimmune diseases.
I am thankful for today, it was nice to feel normal & alive. To be able to move freely & without worry & concern. I hope tomorrow will be the same, how exciting it is to go to sleep tonight in hopes that tomorrow might be a present like the past few days have been. What if my Lupus is going into remission finally after five long years? It would be unbelievable, but graciously excepted.
I know I am bouncing off the walls here, my thoughts are everywhere. It's just that I'm hopeful & excited. Yet, scared & fed up. What a mix, don't you think?
All I can say is Lord, give me strength to get through what you have planned for my life. And help me be able to not only wear a smile, but help others through this journey we call life.