Pop Corn

Pop Corn, Pop Corn!!! Who wants some of my Pop Corn!!!! Okay you will never hear Kaden ask if you want some of his Pop corn because the boy Loves his pop corn and can eat a whole bag all by his little self. So, as for sharing this 2 year old hasn't mastered that skill yet.

The other day it was raining....still. So we watched movies and of course with movies you have to have POP CORN!


  1. I love popcorn too :) I had 4 of my sister's kiddos here today to play with 3 of mine and instead of a traditional lunch we had popcorn, grapes, and homemade pb cookies. We ate outside on the picnic table because it was 70.....loved it!!

    Hope you get through the block with your book!

  2. :) Hang in there... it's these little memories we capture that will be the sunshine on your next rainy day!!

  3. Never too sentimental, and never too much popcorn!

    Hang in there, Manic! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love popcorn and in fact, sometimes, that's dinner for me.

    Hope you're feeling good today.

  5. we love some popcorn in this house too -

    . . . just take each day as it comes - and you just remember to breathe - if you are having a bad day - go look in the mirror and put on some RED lipstick!!

  6. I LOVE popcorn!! My daughter and I have this indulgent habit. Movies + popcorn + chocolate! All three go together!!

    I didn't know you were writing a memoir? I write too and I'm not sure "writer's block" adequately describes what makes me slow down. This is why I tend to jump around and write what makes me excited at the moment.