My Two Sons

My sweet baby boy left me last Friday. He did, I was surprised, but I had my suspicions about him for a few weeks now. He had been acting a little strange lately. The whole family is surprised by it all, we aren't sure what to do at this point. He left a trail of dirty diapers down the hall from our room which lead us to this freakin' monster baby. Crazy child, one with scary eyes they say in the old country. We never know what to expect from him day to day. Lord, be with us as we all travel the beaten path of "The Terrible Twoooooooooooooooooooos"
Yes, Kaden has changed. Today he had a tantrum that I KNOW my other two child people never exhibited. I was scared for my own life. Hell, where 's Chucky when you need him. Kaden was like Chucky's side kick or something. I'm going to have to get some Holly Water or garlic or something, because the baby has gone made. And you know what???? I'm not givin' in! I control this house baby!!! So, I cried inside & screamed at the same time this morning when he started head banging the wall. Thanh wanted me to pick him up and hand him over for Daddy. But, I told him no, that I wasn't going to give him attention for that kind of behavior. Every so often he would cut an eye over to me to make sure I was still there. Lord knows he wouldn't want to preform without an audience. I told Thanh that I had Kaden's number and if he would chill out I would pick up the phone amd dial it. That last sentence sounds so much better when you can see me shake my head with my hand on my hip- I promise, just visualize.
So, anyway finally he stopped acting all crazy and was just crying with the hiccups. And I called over to him and asked him if he would like to come over to Mommy and I'll hold him now. He stopped crying immediately amd I went over ans explained why I didn't get him earlier. Ten minutes later he was sound asleep being laid down for a nap. So, I know it was all because he was tired, but goodness, couldn't he had just grabbed a blanket and kick back in the Lazy boy instead of a 45 minute rendition of the Hulk Vs Tiny Tim. Ok maybe I was more like Mr.T but dang, it could have saved time, tears and his skull. HA HA
Tomorrow Skylar gets his tonsils and adenoids clipped. Yep, I can't wait, that boy always has a sore throat. He is going to feel much better and the world will be grand once again in his little peepers. We leave early, which I'm not so thrilled. But I will give a full update when we get back. Say a prayer for him please, he is a little scared. Any kind of surgery is a big deal in a child mind. I told him to look forward to all the ice cream & shakes that he wants for the first few days. That put a smile on his face.
Well, I'm off to start dinner. We are having a good bye tonsils & adenoids party. You had to be 'A Part of the Family" to be invited. Do you get it? A "Part". Once again it sounds better when you hear my voice.


  1. Good luck with those terrible two's. As far as the T&A's go, Eldest had them out at 12 and it was murder. She was miserable (they say it's worse for older kids) for days on end and puking blood clots and had a really hard time with the anesthesia. I hope yours goes smoothly, but be prepared for a long few days.

  2. Hope everything goes well with the surgery. Love reading your stuff!

  3. Hope everything went well with the surgery...good luck with the tantrums, too! Andrew's "terribles" did not start until three, but I feel your pain!

  4. Oh dear. Best of luck to you, My Friend. I remember two too well. :)
    Hang in there!