Welcome 2018

I probably started writing 8 different times this past month, but I honestly was just trying to enjoy the Christmas Holiday and all that goes with it before and after.  And soooo much has happened, lot's of good stuff and I honestly feel refreshed and ready to tackle 2018.  I am going to pretty busy around here, but I can promise you one thing for sure....I will be choosy as to what occupies my time.  Time is so limited, I have lot's of things in the works like a book, a possible move, we are looking at finally opening our online shop to sell our soaps, candles and tincture/oily goodness.  Not to mention my painting....I have a possible adventure with it that has to do with affirmations/devotional cards featuring some of my artwork.  So, yeah...that's just me.  Mahala is graduating in just a few short months and helping me launch Four Violet amongst her craziness as she figures out where and if she will go on to college.  Kaden is growing leaps and bounds.  He has truly been working hard regarding his self control.  We are all working on a healthier diet and lifestyle, limiting certain things and using only herbal remedies for just about everything you can imagine.  So, yeah...pretty crazy around here.  But, I love it!  I'll be posting a recap of our Holiday in just a few days, but I missed you all, I missed writing and reviewing....so, it's a New Year and I'm ready for it, what about you?????

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