Meet the Chapter Books for Summer Reading

This boy of mine can be found all over the house with his nose in a book.  He reads all kinds of books and he has been spoiled lately with all the books from Penguin lately. 
Right now we are celebrating Chapter Books for Summer and these three titles bellow are super snazzy for both boys and girls.  Check them out...I tried to get a favorite out of Kaden and he just couldn't.  Which is odd, he always has a favorite, but he said he liked all three for different reasons.  So, I asked would other kiddos enjoy reading them, he said Absolutely!

Zing, zong, zing! Brain flash! Only Clint McCool knows exactly how to save the day! With two-color art, a large easy-to-read font, and the crazy adventures of an X-Treme Hero, Clint McCool is perfect for new independent readers.
Clint McCool has a lot of ideas. Most of the time, these ideas get him into trouble with his teacher and Mom. Armed with his super-powered cap, his brain flashes, and his two best friends, Clint is ready to solve any problem and find adventure anywhere. When he stumbles onto a movie set and accidentally ruins one of the props, it's up to him to save the movie. Clint must use some of his wild ideas to get on the big screen.

Talking cats and boys with antennae might seem pretty weird--but not if you're from Planet Z!
Zeke Zander and his family are aliens from Planet Z. So when their spaceship crashes on earth, they must pretend to be humans until they can fix their ship and return home. But with antennae on their heads and a talking cat named Zeus, fitting in is easier said than done! Still, Zeke manages to become friends with some Earth kids, and Zeus even stars in a cat food commercial. The money Zeus earns goes toward fixing the ship, but the Zanders soon realize that the repairs will take a really long time. As Zeke settles into his temporary home, he wonders if he can truly be the only kid from Planet Z trapped on Earth.

Fans of Amelia's Notebooks and Judy Moody will love Book Two of this fun and artsy chapter book series.
Bea Garcia, Artist, is looking for a new best friend, and she almost has one--Judith Einstein. So when Judith asks Bea to be her partner in the upcoming school geography contest, Bea is thrilled . . . at first. But Einstein is a star student who gets every question correct, and while Bea is a star artist, she worries she will make a mistake at the competition. Schoolwork comes so easily to Einstein that Bea thinks the secret might be Einstein's special pencil. But when Bea takes Einstein's pencil home, it's not quite what she expected.

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