Kaden Update.....

It's been awhile since I've chatted about how Kaden is doing.  He is his regular unpredictable self, but the winds are calming down that normally engulfed us all day.... every day.  We started a few months on medication, slowly.  They gave him a smaller dose then what they would start a typical child on.  Since then it has been increased twice.  He has changed so much!!!!  It's like night and day.  He offers to help, he smiles more without being prompted, is more inclined to try something new and has been telling me he loves me.  I have noticed a change in his artwork, writing and attention to detail.  When I say detail, I mean like he picks up that I'm disappointed or that Homer needs to go outside.  These pictures below are only 3 months apart.  The one on the left is great, but there was so much going on.  The one on the right he explained about the blueberry bush, apple tree, the sun and grass....it was like a story unfolding.  

He has gone from 2-4 meltdowns a day to 2 or 3 a week and we are hoping that with this last increase he may decrease even more.  

This is only temporary, we are busy teaching him how to deal with what he is feeling.  We use a breathing technique, ice therapy, essential oils, meditation and of course a ton of sensory input.  It's a diet change, it's routine, it's prayer, it all takes a tribe.  But, God has given him to me and I know with all my heart He has also given me the strength and wisdom to give Kaden what he needs to become the man God intends him to be one day.

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