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I have another Lamplighter Publishing book to share a Review with you today.  This one is called The Secret Bridge written in 1899 by Amy Le Feuvre.  I know I was all crazy eyes over the other Lamplighter books, but this one honestly I have Never seen another book like it.  It is covered in a buttery soft, aqua colored faux leather.  The image on the cover looks like it was carved into it...the detail work is breathtaking.  And at the bottom is the title etched into a gold embossing.  I love filling our home library with books from Lamplighter because their mission is to help develop Christ-like Character one Story at a time.  They do this by carefully editing high quality Literature and reprinting strong Character stories with integrity and good morals.

This story is recommended for ages 12 and up.  It's a Love story...not my cup of tea normally, but this one is sweet and honest.  It's a breath of fresh air in a muddled world of today.  The main character is Bridget Channing who is on a ship heading towards England after her Dad passes away.  I really enjoyed the imagery the Author paints in great detail.  It's a love story, so you  know there is a love interest and that ends up being the very dapper Godfrey Bullingham.  They eventually marry as she is alone, penniless and without any family, he assures her he can take care of her. 
Not to give away anymore to the story I will say that there are secrets, secrets that she must keep.  She struggles and it becomes more and more challenging as she wrestles with herself to keep them.  She wants to be honest, loyal and trustworthy as she develops new relationships.  As her walk with Christ is deepened along her journey she realizes that He gives her strength as she leans towards being more truthful with what she's been keeping inside.  I wouldn't say this story is action packed, but I was caught reading extra just to see what happened next.  I LOVE those kind of books!!! :)

http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2017%20Homeschool%20Review%20Crew/05%20-%20May/2%20-%20Lamplighter%20The%20Secret%20Bridge/Secret%20Bridge%20Cover2_zps8hkgjeyb.png So, what did I think?  I enjoyed reading it so much, especially the handwritten letters, added scripture references at the bottom of the pages and the aged illustrations.  It just ties the period of the story together along with the old English language that it's written in.  You know you are reading a treasure and not a today's novel.  Also in the back of the book is several pages of other Lamplighter books and their Books of the Year titles too.  I like how they even have a section for recommended titles for specific ages.  This would make a lovely addition to any home library.


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