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I have Reviewed for ArtAchieve before and I was so excited to have the opportunity to try another level.  This time we were given the Entire Level IV and I planned to do it right along with Mahala.  Like I've said many times I love to draw and paint.  I'm more of a free spirit and just start with a blank space and let paint fly.  Mahala is the opposite and usually stays away from creative projects to a degree.  But, recently she has surprised me.....a lot!  We have both been enjoying these Art Classes and I can't wait to fill you in on why this is perfect for Busy Homeschool Moms, but first let me tell you how to get started.

So, to start out....you create your account.  It's very simple and once you get logged in you will see a convenient list of your available Lessons.  I appreciate how they are all listed right there to the side easy for you to review and find fast.  Once you figure out the project you want to start with, just simply click on it and it will drop down another important list of the different aspects of the lesson in red.  For instance Mahala chose to do the Convent in L'viv as her 2nd project.  First thing there was the Monastery Warm up that provides you with a PDF grid so you can practice some of the lines, curves and angles that will be drawn in this project.  Also you will find an additional print out of the main focal point of the picture.  This would be great for practicing spacing, embellishments and technique.

 Now she was ready to move on to the Main Event.....the creating.  There are 2 choices to receive the instruction, video or PowerPoint.  Mahala preferred the video and I liked the PowerPoint.  But, I will say I watched the video first completely before I actually did the work along with the PowerPoint.  That way I still was able to learn all of the amazing extras about the culture from where this art piece is about or from.  And all of the pointers and technique.  

As a Homeschooling Mom I love the additional education that is packed into the lesson.  You really are not just learning Art with ArtAchieve, it's like a mini school day with each lesson.  Mahala and I both were impressed with the Cross-Curricular Connections that was available with just a click of a button.   This particular lesson had Literature, Social Studies, Art, Architecture and Math.  Just because I LOVED this part of ArtAchieve so much I'm going to share a little more about the Cross-Curricular Connection part.   

I'm streamlining my Homeschool.....I have Mahala who is going on her final year next year and I have Kaden with Autism.  Life is super chaotic most of the time and when I can have a "Go-To" lesson  that has a little of everything.  I can walk away from the crazy day knowing that it might have been a half-day of "school"....but they were well educated and had fun doing it! :)  
So for this lesson on the Gorgeous Monastery for Math we read about the Fibonacci Sequence and what the Golden Ratio was all about.  Which was supper cool because Kaden is obsessed tight now with the Fibonacci Sequence.  For Art and Architecture we learned about Baroque and Renaissance Architecture, Mahala was inspired by what we learned that she spent the whole morning sketching in her notebook while flipping through photos from Florence, Venice and Naples.  Social Studies offered us a unique look into the Famine in Ukraine that was imposed by Stalin in the early 1930's.  I had never heard of the Holodomore before, it was somber and opened up a long discussion that carried into dinner time.  On a lighter note we were able to look at some pretty wacky hairdos back in the 18th century and for Literature it was suggested to read a specific book that was set in the Ukraine during WWII. 

I know that was a lot of information, but if you like having all in one studies this is the jackpot.  When Mahala did the L'viv we spent 3 days researching, reading and learning on top of the Art Lesson.  I love having this in my back pocket for days that I just don't have it together.  You know what I mean?  Another thing I find with ArtAchieve that makes me smile is that they understand what it takes for the mind to relax and open up to let the creativity flow.  We loved the Music recommendations they offered and the relaxation technique of rubbing your hands together to create a little heat and then placing them over your eyes while slowly deep breathing before your Lesson.

Here is a few of my completed pieces..... the Stained Glass Nativity lesson with Watercolors and the Hawaiian Heliconia with Watercolor Pencils.  Both of these included Science in their Cross-Curricular Connection sectionAnd all of the materials needed are easy to find at any craft store and the list is located on the website with your lesson. We had everything already, so nothing needed to be purchased to get started.

So, what did we think?  We both Loved ArtAchieve and agree that hands down this is our Favorite Art Program!   The instruction is awesome and I am thrilled you can chose PowerPoint or video.  The step by step approach and all of the tips and techniques given is a mile long.  Honestly between Mahala and I we decided we should do another post sharing just all that we have learned because this post would be way too long.  If you are looking for an Art Program that will inspire both you and your children this is for you.  If you crave a full creative experience while sharpening your skill this is for you.  I suggest heading over and checking them out....they even offer some Free Lessons for Kids.

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