56 Weeks till School is Officially Out!!!

You read correctly.... only 56 Weeks till school is Officially out for my Mahala.  We school year round thank goodness so we have plenty of time to get in all that we need to before she rides off into the College Sunset of her choice.  
I know I sound all Big and Bad, Cool, Calm and Collected.  But, that's because 56 weeks sounds like a long time.  On the inside though I know it will go fast....super crazy fast!!!

Over the past few weeks I have been really working on narrowing down what truly needs to be done and what I would still like to learn or do with her.  So, today we started with History.  I'm kind of going back through what we missed or might have skimmed over.  We did a ton of unit studies and reading with Sonlight for History.  But, there are little tiny gaps.  For instance today we talked about the Salem Witch Trials.  I asked her about it, she had heard of it, but didn't have details to go with it.  So we spent a little time on it and plan for the same tomorrow with a little more deeper digging on religion, Puritans and the the Geography of Salem.  Is it a big deal to know all this?  No, but I want her to have knowledge of it.  She doesn't need to know the exact number of trials conducted or memorize the names of the people that were accused.  But, I do want her to know about this moment in time, like so many others that we will be exploring for the next 56 weeks.  Most likely I will be only doing narration when it comes to testing her knowledge.  Except I do have about 10 research reports and a handful of essays peppered throughout the next 56 weeks.  
Later this week we will be stating a Founding Fathers series.....after going to mount Rushmore last year I'm super excited about this one! 

Other subjects on the books for now....Science these days are relaxed.  But, starting next week we will be adding Chemistry in our rotation. Three days a week we have Chemistry and two days a week she will be doing a Critical Thinking Course along with Nature Journaling with Kaden.  I like when they do things together.  Oh, and speaking of together....they also do Geography three days a week.  We are doing Africa right now!!! :)

I know this is kind of long....sorry!  For English she has 36 books to read, totally doable for her I will probable have to add.  Right now she is reading Pride and Prejudice and Uncle Toms Cabin.  I know crazy combo!!!  She is practicing cursive 3 days a week, working on her writing program 5 days a week and alternating Poetry and vocabulary work every other day.  Math is just reviewing Geometry and possibly after the Summer starting Algebra 2.  She is completing a Health program she started earlier this year and will be alternating Yoga and meditation daily along with herbal studies.  

As for the Fine Arts....twice a week she creates with her hands, the other three days are filled with a Composer and Artist study, Art Piece, Composition or Style study.  And she practices Piano and or her Ukulele.  

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