Prince and Pirate ~ REVIEW

Recently Kaden and I have been reading the most adorably silly, over giggly book written by Charlotte Gunnufson.  We were able to receive our own copy of Prince and Pirate a few weeks ago and I can't wait to share this little "fish tail" with you.

When I look at getting a picture book for our home library I have this mental checklist I go through.  I always check for the sturdiness of the book first.  Picture books are looked through over and over my many different little hands.  In this house a well made book is a must, because it will go everywhere with Kaden.  And this book meets this first important requirement and then some. Prince and Pirate comes with a jacket cover and the pages are thick and easy to turn.  I love the fact that the book lays flat, great for endless reading out on the trampoline or snuggled under your sheet fort for late night reads.

The next Huge thing is of course the Picture quality.  Does the art work grab my heart, do I feel the story, is it magical enough to get Kaden's attention over and over again?  Will he smile and giggle?  Mike Lowery did a magnificent job illustrating this book.  The picture are not only lovable, but memorable.  Each fish's personality beams through Mike's talented art throughout this book's pages.

And the last thing I look for is a little lesson or moral at the end of the story.  Picture books can be read quickly usually and I use them for transitional periods in our homeschool, morning time, bath-time, bedtime, camping trips, on car rides and they are always available for him when he just wants to relax a few.  There are plenty of opportunities every single day for him to pop open a book and I like to take those precious minutes and pack in a little character building gold nugget. 
In the story Prince and Pirate you meet two pretty happy go lucky fish...one with a crown and one sporting a pirate hat.  They both have their own little bowls and then one day they were both plucked from their safe haven and plopped down into what at first seemed to be an ungraded.  "BEHOLD! I am the rightful heir to this splendiferous kingdom," said Prince.  Pirate was quite happy too.... "SHIVER ME TAILFIN! I be just the pirate to command this grand sea."  It didn't take long to notice that they had company......each other.  Right away they started to order the other to remove themselves.  Kaden laughed so hard as they went after each-other, Prince threw Pirate in the dungeon and poor Prince had to walk the plank.  They each had a prized possession they dared the other to keep their fins off of it. Anger heightened and fishy words were exchanged and then they placed a line down the middle with pebbles.  The squabbling continues, stink eyes are freely given and then an "intruder" is discovered by them both.

It was this "intruder" that brought the two fish together as they took the attention off of themselves and used their energy in a more positive way to try and help others.  A giant move allowed something Big to happen in their little ocean, but you will have to read for yourself. 

So, what did Kaden and I think?  We both loved it...it was a perfect mix for young kids and the young at heart.  With the funny words like Barnacled bloomers and soggy scones and the relatable story line this is sure to be a treat in your family while reiterating how important it is to think of others and to share.  And Speaking of SHARING......I'm sharing a Prince and Pirate book with one very lucky reader.  Check my Instagram to enter in the giveaway and I will notify the Winner on the 17th!!

Charlotte Gunnufson has never, ever had any trouble sharing. Okay, maybe one time. But that was her big sister’s fault. And the other time, her little brother started it. Anyway, Charlotte is author of Halloween Hustle and lots of funny poems for Highlights and Cricket magazines. She lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Mike Lowery is the illustrator of The Gingerbread Man Loose on the Firetruck. His work appears in everything from greeting cards to children's books and the Kid's Awesome Activity Calendar. He is a professor of illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta.

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