Our Slow Holiday Season

Usually for the whole month of December the kids and I push school work to the side.  But, this year because of our RV trip we "tried" to school this month.  I use the word "tried" very loosely.  :)  There is just too many things to do.  Literally I can count on one hand how many days we have left the house in the past 20 days.  Instead we have been cozy inside building, reading, crafting and cooking.  Almost daily we have something bubbling on the stove or crock-pot.  Fresh cookies or something sweet and salty is always being freshly made and let me not forget the countless Bible Journaling I have done.
This has been an amazing month all enjoyed under the glow of our twinkling Christmas tree.  This Season has been about slowing down, reconnecting and spending time doing what is truly important to us.  How have you spent this Holiday Season?

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