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My Mahala is a natural photographer.  I know without a doubt that God gave her a talent.  Even though there is talent and passion when she's behind a lens.... she can use all the learning experiences she can.  Which is why I was thrilled to hear she would be able to Review the Online Christian Filmmakers Academy from Family Gravity Media, a division of Families For Christ Ministries, Inc.   Honestly I wasn't even sure what this course included...I just knew any new info I could get in front of her would be beneficial.  And I'm so thankful I was right....it was like Christmas had come early for her!

I had plans to do this along with Mahala because when she needs help photographing and asks for something I would like her to eventually one day be able to call things by their proper name and not round thingy with the squiggly lines.  But, since we were heading home from our 2 month long Rv trip I was overwhelmed and once we made it home I was exhausted.  Needless to say she couldn't wait for me to catch my breath....she had to get started right away.  So, I will probably crack open the videos after the Holidays. :)

  • Module 1 ~ Camera
  • Module 2 ~ Cinematography 
  • Module 3 ~ Sound
  • Module 4 ~ Pre-Production
  • Module 5 ~ Production
Basically Mahala has worked through 3 of the 5 modules so far.  And we are amazed at all that she has learned when even she thought she knew all of the basics.  Each Module contains quizzes that to my surprise she listed as one of her positives.  She said it was nice to be tested on this new knowledge to make sure she actually retained it! :)  Mahala said she learned that you have a lot of options when film making and just one little change can make the viewer's perspective change.  She also commented on how nice it was to see them handling the equipment.  She is always so careful when handling her equipment....almost insainly careful. I think she might loosen up a bit now since she feels a little more confidence in caring for her camera.  Mahala's favorite part of Cinematography is editing, she even edits her older Brother's videos.  
Since I have not taken the course I was asking her what her over all thoughts were and they were all positive.  She said that anyone wanting to get into Cinematography or just learn more about the Camera could benefit from taking this course.  She said it was nice to see that at the bottom of the lessons you could post ideas or questions and they would get back to them.  Another bonus was the quality of the course, very professional, super user friendly and legit and not boring.  (Her words, not mine....) 

Would we recommend Online Christian Filmmakers Academy?  For sure if you own a Camera, take videos and or need credits for your High-school student in the Arts department.  I think it's a very great elective that really hits on a major part of today's culture for teens and young adults.  When I was in High-school I didn't think about taking videos, but in today's world.....my 9 year old takes better videos then I do.  Like I said....I'll be taking this course after the Holidays! :)  Make sure you head over and see their NEW Online Christian Filmmakers Academy Facebook Page
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