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I Love Cooking and for years I have been a throw what I have in the pantry and fridge kind of person.  Crazy thing is those Goulashes as my Husband calls them have become some of my Family's Favorite meals.  But, the last few years we have changed a lot as far as our eating habits, what type of food we eat and how we eat it.  With that comes a little planning, but it's been worth it for the benefit of my Family.  Many years ago I used to take two Saturdays a month and by all the food I needed to make dinners for the following 2 weeks.  And the very next day I would cook it all.....talk about a jam packed freezer.  And the amount of planning and preparation it took to pull this off month after month was intense, so intense I only did this for about a year.  Did it help me during the time I worked outside the home and still homeschooled my Kiddos?  Yes, it sure did and that is why during this busy season of my life I was intrigued when I heard about this next Review.  MyFreezEasy generously gave me me an Annual Subscription to their MyFreezEasy.com Freezer Meal Plan Membership.  

I was so Excited for this Membership because previously when I would plan out meals for the freezer for later meals they were mainly casseroles or highly Carb filled...not to mentioned everything was mixed with the dreaded can of mushroom soup.  Why is that not a good thing for our Family?  Gluten, which we have tried to eliminate as much of it as possible for Kaden.  When I took a look at MyFreezEasy I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety of Healthy, Yummy food options.  Food that would not only be fast and easy to prepare on weeknights, but food that would meet all of our Family's dietary needs.
Here is a quick overview...there is 2 different Membership Plans to choose from.  The Basic and the Premium Membership.  What you get is the ability to have 5 customized recipes sent directly to your inbox that will take you an hour of prepare 10 meals from to freeze for later!  Each recipe gives you two delicious meals and every month you can look forward to new ones so you can kiss eating the same old thing over and over goodbye! :)  I was given the Premium Membership and the main thing I Love about it is it allows me to swap meals from any of the meal plans or even make up my own meal plan.  This works the Best for our Family because even though I tend to eat more clean high protein foods other Family members enjoy a little something different here and there as a surprise treat.  
I haven't even got to the Best Best Part...not only do both Memberships give you the recipes, but also a well detailed shopping list,  Assembly instructions for both the Prep Portion before you freeze and the the actual prep to thaw and cook.  Hands down this brings a tear to my eye...1st of all I hated writing out the shopping list when I did a big cook...no matter how hard I tried I always forgot at least one thing each Big Cook Day. :(  And please tell me I am not the only one to pull out a frozen bag of "something" and wonder what the heck is it and how do I reheat it and fix it properly to feed my starving Family. :)  With the Assembly instructions and printable labels for your freezer bags this wont be a problem ever again.  That alone is worth the membership here in this house. :) 

It was simple and easy to get started.  I logged on and did a happy dance when I saw all of my amazing choices.  Setting up my menu was easy, I printed my labels and lists and headed to the store.  I felt confident that everything I needed was right in my little hand, I shopped, laid everything out and got to work.  The instructions were clear, accurate and easy to execute.  I even got the kiddos involved in the cooking.....and the clean up too!

I also wanted to add that not only do you get suggested side options, but you are able to select serving sizes for your recipes.  That's awesome, because most recipes I find in magazines or online are for only 4 servings, sometimes 6.  But, we are a Hungry Family of 6.  I find a lot of the times recipes are small and when I try to bulk it up the flavor may be off.  So, being able to customize the serving amount for our Family was awesome.  And I just have to say I have used the meals I froze and they tasted fantastic and my Family was excited to have something other then a fast salad or snacky meal on those nights that I ran out of time before the dinner pains became apparent! :)

So, what did I think?  I loved this service.  It was helpful and to be honest I didn't even know that I needed something like this....but I do.  And I will more than likely continue with this service even after my Membership expires.  It gives me peace of mind knowing delicious healthy meals are already prepped and ready for my Family when I need them.  I encourage all my Momma Friends to take a look at this service.  Get a little help in areas of your life that get a bit hectic...it's okay! :)
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