Like a Lullaby for His Soul

I remember this picture from 4 years ago.... Kaden was so excited for Summer to get here.  He would play with his sand and water table for hours.  I remember we had brought back some sand from Malibu and used it out in his table.  Even to this day when we go to the beach he loves the sand close to the water.  Letting it run through his hands and scrubbing it on his arms and legs.
There is something so innocent in his eyes when he truly latches onto something.  When he finds that thing that comforts him, intrigues him or connects him to one of us.  
The other day we were listening to a piece of classical music.  He told me that the music was like a lullaby for his soul.  And he put my hand on his chest and his on mine.  And he asked me how my soul felt listening to the music.  I just hugged him and told him my soul was very happy and relaxed.  Moments like these make the hard days easier to get through......Thank You Jesus! 

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